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About House of Hartsoe

My name is Everette Hartsoe and I would like to welcome you to my little clubhouse on the web. I've been a comic book creator since 1991 through 1999, then took a 13 year hiatus to pursue a career in photography and graphic design, then in 2013 I returned to comics through crowdfunding for printing and distribution. I'm so thankful to all the fans that have supported my newer art and creations, because it helped me get back into full time comic creation and expand my artistry. This page will bring you into the studio in a very personal manner. I have ordered my lights and camera to provide a consistent amount of content of my creative process. You will be able to sit in on brainstorming sessions, drawing tutorials and life changing exercises that brought me from the brink of depression.

London Night Studios was an innovative publishing company that launched the careers of many newcomers that later went on to work for Marvel and DC comics. While manning the helm at LNS, Hartsoe brought comic book marketing to a new level with many ideas now being emulated by the big 2 publishers even today. Hartsoe is an entrepreneur, artist, writer and publisher who laid the groundwork for many other independent publishers to follow.

In 2015 Director Pearry Teo and Bleiberg Entertainment tapped Hartsoeʼs dark Sleeping Beauty story for Teoʼs film adaptation of the Brothers Grimm fairytale Curse of Sleeping Beauty. Today Everette Hartsoe is still creating new comic book properties with no end in sight. The legendary creator states that this company, Evolutionary Comics, will provide intellectual properties that in some cases, will have a first draft script, design work, as well as comic books already packaged for film and TV.
2019 Everette Hartsoe's RAZOR gets the star of Marvel's The Gifted, EMMA DUMONT has signed on to play the angel in black.

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