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Hi there, I create piano covers of Hong Kong TVB Theme Songs and also Popular English songs and compose original songs. That's my pledge to you. If you are keen on listening to pleasant piano instrumentals and covers, do support me here by becoming a patron as I intend to keep it going posting piano covers for your listening pleasures as long as I can. Please note that it really takes a lot of time and effort preparing the piano covers and the videos. Thus I really need all the financial support from all of you. Averagely I would say 1 video plus the piano covers and mp3 takes me about in total 2 days to complete. So please help me by pledging to me too. Above video is one of the TVB Theme song piano cover that I produced. Below is a list of links for you to check out my videos
Below video is a piano cover of Ed Sheeran's song Photograph

Thank you for your support
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$4 of $200 per producing TVB Theme songs piano cover and free music sheets
I was devastated when my audio interface dropped. The audio interface helps me to record my piano covers to the computer. Without it I can't record a high quality piano sound. I had to borrow an audio interface from a friend in order to continue with all the other piano covers. I need to return to him as soon as possible. The audio interface also enables to record voice for song covers and to produce my original compositions.
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