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About How to ADHD

I'm working on spreading awareness for ADHD as well as providing ADHD-friendly tools that can make life with it less challenging, more awesome. I put up a new video on every other Thursday.

Making these videos is really time consuming -- between research, writing, shooting, editing, posting and promoting, they each take me and my team between 40-80 hours.

I also do advocacy work beyond the channel, writing articles, speaking on podcasts, giving TEDx talks (above) -- really, anything I can that helps further global understanding and support of ADHD.

There's nothing in the world I'd rather be doing, and your support is what makes all of this possible. <3 THANK YOU <3
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* A DAILY behind-the-scenes vlog: 
Part of Jessica going full-time means she's had time to record a behind the scenes vlog – if we reach the PROFESSIONALLY PROFESSIONAL level, Jess can keep this vlog up daily, while still researching and making content for the channel! 

* More content
We have a BUNCH of things we need to finish putting together: additional material from interviews we've done, special bonus episodes with "buddy system" meditation, and a whole bunch more.  Being full time means we have the time to get all that out the door!

* "How to ADHD" in the classroom! – I can start developing talks and materials to share with schools around the country, to spread ADHD awareness in the classroom! My goal: "a basket of fidget toys on every teacher's desk!"

* Expanding the channel – We're quickly becoming more than just a YouTube channel – we're becoming advocates for ADHD and mental health in general.  After the TEDx talk, opportunities have been coming in to do speaking engagements (possibly write a book).  Your support will give me the time to develop content for advocacy in other arenas beyond YouTube, with the goal of educating and empowering _more_ people to spread the message of ADHD awareness and supporting ADHD children and adults in the U.S. and around the world.

I will FINALLY have time to practice my ukelele!  Which means... SONGS!
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