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After pledging, contact me for the unique ID.
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Huh, what is this?
A planning tool for game called Stardew Valley.

You can find the planner here

This excellent tool helps you to plan out your farm easily and make it possible to test different layouts with ease. Without having to waste long hours in game doing so. It also provides information about game mechanics like sprinkler/scarecrow range helping you to make your farms as productive as possible. On top of all that you can also easily share your plans with others to start interesting discussions or just show off. 

I have never heard about your planner
Well, come out from under the rock then. The planner has served over 1.7 million pages, helping over 700 thousand users plan their farms. The planner currently has over 500 thousand different plans saved. It is still very actively used every day even after being released over a year and a half ago.

Why patreon?
Mainly because I want to keep the planner running as long as there is at least one person playing Stardew Valley (so forever). I want the planner to be a reliable tool for anyone in need, but this is only possible with your help! 

Also there are tons of features the planner could and should have, so I'm counting on your help to make these features a reality and make the planner one of the most advanced and used 3rd party tool in gaming. 

And I hate ads, you hate ads and your neighbour hates ads. So lets get rid of them.

Why now?
Because now is a better time to make things happen than later.

Why should I care?
Because it is a cool tool and you'll be at least one internet unit cooler (banana?) when supporting it. 
$64 of $100 per month
I'll implement user system. Meaning that you will be able to log in with Facebook or Google and see your full history of saved plans and imported save game files. This will also include easier sharing on social media like Twitter or Facebook.
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