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I'm H-P Lehkonen, a comics artist from Finland. I'm a bisexual trans masc person and I specialize in queer comics.

I'm a creator of the webcomic called Life Outside the Circle on LINE Webtoon. It's a humorous comic about a man who moves from the big city to the Finnish countryside and finds the love of his life in a single father of a little girl. Together with their community they battle cultural differences and homophobia. You can go read it on webtoons by clicking this LINK

I also work on my Patreon exclusive comic After the Fog! The comic can be read by everyone in the $3 tier! More of that comic can be found in my Patreon's After the Fog tag! And you can check the first 8 pages for free so you know if you really want to read it!

I also work together with Arvi Tammi with a comic called Silly Ghost! It's a story about a small girl, a small ghost and two medium size moms. Silly Ghost can be read in almost all the social medias (sillyghostcomic) and on webtoons and tapas!

In Patreon you can choose a monthly amount of money you want to use to support me. In exchange you get some amazing rewards! Here's a handy chart on what each level gets!

And here's more information about each tier!

+ You get access to my AMA (Ask Me Anything) thread where all my Patrons can ask me anything about my art, characters, comics and life!
+ You get to be a part of my secret Discord chat group where you can talk to me and other fans! You can even get feedback on your own art in there!
+ And after you've been a continuous backer for a year, I will do a small icon commission for you! You will also get a higher resolution file of this icon, so you can use it anywhere you want (you just need to mention me as the artist)!

Check what your future icon would look like: LINK

+ You get access to my Patreon feed where I blog about my art, my life and my travels to comics events! This will update 1-2 times a month!
+ You get access to all the new pages of After the Fog, my Patreon exclusive comic! It updates at least 3 pages a month, sometimes more.
+ If I do a vlog type video, you get early access and get it 7 days before others. (This will not be monthly.)
+ You get early access to some blog posts about my work! That means you get them 7 days before anyone else does!
+ You also get all the previous rewards!

Here's an example post from my Patreon feed: LINK

+ You get access to my Illustration Feed that will update 1-2 times a month! I draw a lot of sketches and finished illustrations, both fanart and original stuff. You get to see the ones I normally wouldn't show to the people!
+ You get early access to all new comics I do for social media or Short Gay Stories by H-P webcomic. You'll be early from 1 week to 3 months!
+ You also get all the previous rewards.

Here's an example post from my Illustration Feed: LINK

+ You get to see the work in progress of my comics no one else gets to see, scanned page layouts pencils, inks and so on. Sometimes they're even animated gifs!
+ You get to read my exclusive comic diaries about my life as a queer trans man!
+ If I do a comic drawing videos or other comics than Life Outside the Circle, you get early access and get it 7 days before others. (This will not be monthly.)
+ You also get all the previous rewards.

You can set a cap on how much money you're willing to use in a month and you can back out any time you want.

Wanna see how Patreon actually works? Here's Patreon's own video that explains a lot!

I work full time as a comics artist. The money I get from Patreon will go straight into my art. I can use the money to make my websites better and to publish new comic books! The money is also going back to the comics community. I often work together with graphic designers or colorists. With your support I can help support other comic creators and designers! Just like I used a colorist to color this short queer comic:

This comic is colored by the talented Rowena Yow. Check out her work: LINK

Apart from that I also need to live! I am going through my trans process as we speak and I have used the money I get from Patreon to fund my name change! I have also been able to change my Passport, but I haven't been able to afford to change my drivers license yet, so that's a new goal!!
$270 of $400 per month
When we reach $400 in a month every backer will get a PDF version of my comic book Start Over Again! With this amount of money I can fulfill my dream about being able to help the comics community and I can hire a marginalized creator to be a colorist for a comic I make! I want to help others find work in comics too! Let's do this!
(The comic will be sent to you after the full amount of $500 have been charged at the start of the next month.)
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