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About HR Improved

Facial recognition without legislative limits is dangerous.

Presently unregulated and rapidly expanding, facial recognition will bring about an end to privacy as we know it in the United States.

HR Improved, a web service designed to raise awareness on the dangers of facial recognition technology by masquerading as a fictitious business that helps vet job applicants by verifying applying individuals are unlikely to rock the cultural boat at your business, was created by an individual in a single month. Its existence demonstrates the ease with which facial recognition technology can be deployed and utilized on an entire population. Please support HR Improved through Patreon if you want to raise awareness on the dangers of facial recognition and encourage individuals to contact their legislators to take meaningful action. The website is not cheap to run and will have to be taken down in the event that insufficient crowd-sourced funding is received.

In order to protect the right to privacy enshrined in the United States Constitution, utilization of facial recognition technology - particularly by government entities - must be strictly limited in the same way that access to medical data is strictly limited and its criminal usage strongly penalized. Without protections enforced via legislation, it is not an exaggeration to say that the foundations of our democracy and freedoms we take for granted are at great risk.

With your contributions, HR Improved will be affordable to keep running as crowd-sourced upload of social media photos takes place. With enough contributions, on top of accepting crowd-sourced images, HR Improved will have sufficient funding to run millions of MAGA hat-related Instagram tagged photos through the facial recognition algorithm.

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