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My name is Roger Norling and I am an instructor in Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), with a particular focus on Renaissance fencing master Joachim Meyer and especially his polearms. Many of you already know me as I've been lucky enough to be invited to teach this around the world. Related to this, I am also an amateur historian and researcher, with a fairly extensive body of work in this field.

Some seven years ago I started up a web site dedicated to the HEMA community. I did this for a variety of reasons. One of them was to help the community gather together and show that it was big and quickly growing, so we could get manufacturers to start producing professional gear for us.

The other, and bigger, reason, was for the whole community to have a single place to gather around and share ideas on research, teaching and learning these wonderful arts. To this day, about 60 writers have shared their thoughs in hundreds of articles published on the site. And the site has some 30,000 regular followers every year, who visit the site 10 times a year or more, which is fantastic!

Building this has taken a LOT of work, thousands of hours by now, and personally I've taken quite a few hits from this, not least financially and it is not really sustainable in the long run. Things are really way past the breaking point already. Simply put; I really need your support to be able to keep this going. With enough support I can even turn this into something much better and stronger. It already has a lot of potential and I have a number of ideas already on what to do, and how to do it.

I have set three different goals here on Patreon, ranging from simple hard- and software costs to transforming it into a fullblooded HEMA magazine, with news, interviews with awesome HEMA people at all levels, swordsmiths, gear makers and more, event info, study and teaching material, exercises and more. Simply put a HEMA magazine you will want to visit every week, if not daily.

More patron rewards will be added soon, material for clubs & instructors, and a few more cool things I have in mind. You can of course also choose to sponsor with any amount of your choice. A HROARR Patron patch will be sent out once you have sponsored with 18 USD or more.

So please consider supporting this, either as a person, or as a club or organization/federation. I promise to dedicate myself to making HROARR fulfill its potential, making it far greater than it is today. You can make it happen, setting HROARR free, finally!

Thank you!
Roger Norling
Founder of and The HEMA Scholar Awards
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The second goal is to raise enough monthly proceeds to also be able to dedicate funds for work time that can be put to use both for editing articles submitted by the community as well as to improving for example the library with downloadable copies of the treatises, to improving the international club finder, adding instructional content and more.

The ambition is also to add new sections with new features, aimed at practitioners, club leaders & instructors, and researchers, that have been planned for years already.

Funds will of course also still be used for fixed server and software costs.
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