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At this $5 level you can participate in my standard monthly group night sessions as we try to connect with your loved ones in focused group effort session. 

You can live ANYWHERE in the world to join in. No guarantees, as that would be impossible, but we HAVE HAD NUMEROUS VALIDATIONS DURING SESSIONS HERE! No guarantees of a validation can be given but we have never done a group night without multiple validations. 

This $5 tier also now includes a LIVE Q&A chat every month, a LIVE Ghost Box Stream, and random Giveaways of some pretty amazing things as well as much more!


Once per month, you stay home and mediate on your loved one (I give instructions the days before) before the session on group night. I record a session which will be posted within 24-48 hours right here to the patreon page exclusively. THESE ARE NOT LIVE. You watch, and listen for messages that pertain to you, from your loved one and discuss if you like. 

For $5 you get ALL of this:

* Standard Monthly Group Night Participation !

* One live Q&A Stream per Month!

* One live Ghost Box Stream per Month!

* Access to guided mediation videos!

* Access to Discussions!

* See my new videos early!

* Private message me with any questions! 

* Occasional Video Updates!

* Random giveaways of AMAZING STUFF! 


GOLD - YOU GET IT ALL, and then some.
per month

With this one you get it all!

For those at this level you get everything above in the $5 tier and you also get a PREMIUM Group Session night experience!

For those in this tier, I will call out your name and your loved ones name (as well as a message to them if you like) during the group session as we try to connect. YOU GET IT ALL.

You also have access to the Masterclass video series for Gold Tier only. These videos teach you all I have learned about spirit communication. 

For $25 you get:

* PREMIUM Group Session Participation  - I will call out your name and the name of your loved one during the session to set intent for who we are looking for. I will read a message from you to them if you like!

* Live stream Q&A access every month!

* Live ghost box stream every month!

* Video Updates!

* Access to guided meditation videos!

* Private Messaging!

* Access to random giveaways! 

* Access to Discussions!

* Bonus Video Clips from time to time!

* Access to Masterclass Series of Videos!

* See new videos early!

About Huff Paranormal

Welcome to my Patreon Page and for considering helping to support true ITC Research as well as exploring the world of spirit contact with me. If you decide to join me and all of the wonderful members here, you are in for an amazing ride.

I will keep this simple. 

By joining my Patreon at the $5 level you will have access to a slew of content but the big one is GROUP SESSION NIGHT. ALL Patrons here can participate in my group night sessions each and every month.

Is this possible?
Yes. We have received so many amazing validations for members since starting this Patreon page in 2018. Messages from the other side through my devices, through me and even through images. It is miraculous if you ask my opinion. No where on earth has anyone ever done anything like this, until l started it years ago on YouTube and now in a more focused way here on Patreon. It is simply an amazing experience and comes with a basic $5 membership.

An amazing validation during a recent group session. A validation from a son to his Mother. 

It is a beautiful thing and that is what I chose to do with my deepening spiritual connection. To HELP the living and those souls on the other side. It’s all about LOVE and if you have seen me on YouTube, then this page is an extension of what I do there. I am not a ghost hunter, but rather a spirit communicator with almost eleven years of full time experience under my belt.

Here is what you get when you sign up at the $5 level:
Joining at the $5 level gets you access to group session night, a live Q&A stream every month, guided mediation videos, a live Ghost Box stream every month and bonus content never shown elsewhere. You also see new videos early before the public as well as have direct messaging to me. Ask me anything you like, anytime! I also do (awesome) giveaways from time to time for ALL Patreon Members! 

Yes, all of that comes with a basic $5 membership!

I also offer a $25 membership option for those who want me to call out their loved ones name during group session, and even say a little message to them (from you). This has been very effective for validations.

As a $25 member you also get access to the masterclass series of videos where I explain exactly how anyone can do what I do, and how I did it. These are in depth videos!

A quick clip from a September 2019 Group Session with a couple of amazing Validations. Full sessions are around 70-90 minutes long and are full of spirit communication and activity.

You are not only getting these rewards when you join, but by doing so you also help me with my research
. It helps to me to push even further and discover better ways to connect with the dead. Without this page, I would never be able to continue this full time, and we have discovered so much, learned so much and have advanced ITC so far over the years thanks to people just like you. When I started this research 10+ years ago I always imagined using this for GOOD, FOR LOVE, TO HELP and that is exactly what I love and chose to do with it and it is happening RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!

One more quick clip from a group session here on Patreon with a validation for a member that has to do with her Dog.

So come on in and join us! We are a great community full of love, peace, light and positivity and we are literally changing the world one day at a time! Showing and proving that our soul never dies, and that with love anything is possible.


October 13th at 9PM Eastern Time - Live Q&A - The monthly live stream where I answer any questions you ask of me, live. Ask me anything about ghosts, communication, the field of ITC, etc. Also, Debby should be joining me for this one, her first live stream and you can also ask her questions if you like!
October 16th New Guided Meditation Video (NEW!) released - I will have an all new guided mediation video this month for group night participation!

October 18th - Group Night Session - This is what it is all about! The group night is where we all try collectively to reach our loved ones on the other side. To take part you will have to do the mediation video I post the day before! Remember that no matter where you are in the world, you can take part. These are not live! All you have to do is the mediation/visualization exercise the day of or the day before when you have free time. Gold tier members will see a post where you can leave your loved ones name if you want me to call out to them during the session.

October 23rd - Live Ghost Box Stream (NEW!) - All new! Each month I will run one of my boxes live for TWO HOURS! This means you can tune in anytime to try and receive a message. I will show you how to do just that! I will not be in the room or in the live, just the running portal, or spirit box.

October 28th at 7PM - Live Giveaway! - I will give away something cool! LIVE! This will be a 10 minute live stream.

October 30th - Exclusive Video (NEW!) - New this month and going forward, a new video JUST for you guys. Meaning, a new full video that ONLY you will see. This will NEVER be shown publicly.

October 31st - It's HALLOWEEN! Not sure what I will be doing just yet but want to do something fun.

As for the masterclass series final videos, they will be coming THIS month and in November. These will be now dealing with the actual communication, recording, review, etc. These are for Gold Tier only!

Thank you all, love you all! October should be a good month! 

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