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About Hugh Reviews

Is Hugh Reviews begging for money? Is Hugh Reviews only in this for cash?
No. I've been creating youtube videos on this channel now for almost 3 years, It is my baby. I put so much effort into this channel, in which sometimes I have to physically stop myself and do some school work.

I am currently a Full-time college student, with no job and youtube channel I love. For all my videos, I have to put my own money, I save from like christmas and birthdays and that, into them. That may mean buying 10 pumpkins, that we then smash for a halloween video or buying a £400 camera to film with. 

Like every youtuber, you go through that slog of "Why am I making Youtube Videos when I'm not getting anything back". Often it crosses my mind but I carry on.
But by pledging and helping this channel out, you're not only giving me even more motivation to upload, but you are developing a greater bond between myself and the viewers, and we will see some bigger and better videos come to the channel.

haha I know this sounds like a charity ad but it would help A LOT.   
(at least I'm not running around begging for subscribers again...but then again...)
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