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Imagine for a moment that you are on your death bed
, and you are asked a simple question: Have you registered for DNA stewardship, and if not, would you like to now?

If you think your answer would most likely be YES! - consider joining the Humanist Union. Our sole function is to retain a purified and fortified DNA sample of you indefinitely, and to follow your instructions over any time interval, using smart contracts.

The Union administers a perpetual collective repository for personal DNA samples, preserved for viability and longevity, from any human that has left behind intact DNA. The Union will also carry forward each member's instructions and funding. 

This Patreon site allows me, as a founding administrator, to
  • address inquiries for the Humanist Union 
  • outline the HU's rationale and projected programs, and
  • gather some membership, committees and a Board of Directors

As a futurist writer and philosopher, I often engage in conversations with life extension, transhumanist etc. immortalists who plan to live beyond a conventional lifespan, but I view their efforts as complementary to survival - but insufficient on their own, resulting in the dissolution of their usable DNA, and consequently their disappearance from this Universe. 

My views diverge from theirs, in that they believe the 'Self' is centered in our brain and/or memories. As a philosopher I maintain that the Self is subtended by our DNA (genotype and/or phenotype). Our DNA is our complete, master blueprint, ready for regeneration and a fresh life cycle at any time, with proper stewardship. It is our franchise in life, and it makes no sense to bury or cremate it when extra life cycles are imminent. 

I will elaborate on this schism as we go along, but one implication is immediate for like thinkers - as long as we preserve our DNA through the coming centuries, we shall never truly be dead, and can readily be re-introduced into more lifetimes. We have only to place our seed into the care of each other, knowing that our species no longer has to ask what the purpose of life is. It is a life of purpose - the sudden maturity to realize that the planet we save will be our own.

So life grants itself meaning - the singular promise of sequential life cycles. We are a young species on a verdant Earth, regeneration is the long-awaited reason for our species to bond together, to harmonize with our planet, our sister species, and ourselves. To amicably navigate through the agreed next 1000 summers, without the singular end that bio-death imposes. DNA stewardship buys you all the time needed before cloning becomes mainstream, and one more respected fork in human reproduction. The HU does not plan to clone anyone, now or at anytime.

The Society's role is to keep your genome happening, while we await your instructions. There are no religious or external affiliations beyond responsibility as our credo.

If you agree with this analysis and wish to participate, please join us as a patron within a tier on Patreon, and I'll include my first book on Humanism 'The Humanist - 1000 Summers' (Amazon) and its sequel 'Continuance' with any monthly commitment. I will present a Vol 3 in progress, for your thoughts, and we'll work together from there to build a repository, as described in Volume 1. 

Subsequent tiers to support the Union will range up to an optional blockchain-contracted account, wherein you bequeath funds with the Union, for your continuance  toward another life cycle. The HU utilizes the very highest, state of the art DNA technologies, with blockchain contracts underwriting its commitments and organization.

I am an experienced network designer and president of a 1500 member Society (Adult Hockey) in the past, and this one is for all the marbles - that I have planned all my life. 

Please join with me to keep life's window open. Do read 'Continuance' to get up to speed..

Dwight Gilbert Jones
is a Canadian philosopher, futurist writer and network designer.
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Once the Society has 100 patrons, committees can be struck to address opportunities and issues around operations, security, public relations, research, and alliances, as they arise.

The intention is to create a private, standing forum limited to members with a commitment to the Humanist Union's evolving programs.
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