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In addition to patron-only updates and photos, you’ll also get exclusive access to 'Humanize Me: Jam Session' audio episodes with Bart and John, reflecting on recent guest appearances and what we l...


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In addition to patron-only posts and 'Jam Session' audio episodes, you’ll get exclusive access to live, interactive video with Bart each month, a casual online space where you can ask questions, of...


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In addition to all the other goodies mentioned earlier, we’ll schedule a private phone call with Bart, so he can thank you for supporting of his work and find out a little more about you. At this l...

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Okay, what do you want? A co-producer credit? A lunch date? A pint of Bart’s blood? Seriously, you’re amazing and the rest of us are indebted to you. At this level, well… maybe you should be a Huma...