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You can be among the first to join the new community of educated world citizens who support a solid Human Rights Education towards LASTING Democracy, Human Rights for All Humans, Religious Freedom for all, and Freedom of Speech, against all current worldwide trends of (uneducated) 'Creeping Totalitarianism' which is accelerating in recent years only because most people (both politicians and voters) lack the solid Human Rights Education to know just what are The Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy, which need to be maintained.  Foundational principles which are included in and supported by the Traditional Western Values the West has been abandoning in the last decades - without realizing how vitally necessary the Traditional Western Values they were built on are to lasting Human Rights and democratic freedoms.  Since 2015 when the place I lived started to lose normal democratic and religious freedoms, I have been a scholar developing a solid Human Rights Education featuring the disciplines of Science and Logic and (Human Rights) History, in support of a Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy and a Winning Strategy for the 'Culture of Life' to WIN the 'Cultural War' with the 'Culture of Death,' to Save Humanity Forever from Bigotry and 'Creeping Totalitarianism' - education and practical strategy for ensuring Human Rights and Freedoms last forever!

Patreon is all about financially supporting creators of content (books; music; art; etc.) in creating content that you like and want to see more of.  By pressing the "Become a Patron" button you help Human Rights and Freedoms Forever! to create and distribute new educational content (books, audio, video and more!) that helps both politicians and voters come to know and support the traditional Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy for the sake of lasting Human Rights and freedoms for you, your children and grandchildren.

My name is William Baptiste; scholar, logician, author, and Founder of Human Rights and Freedoms Forever!, a new non-profit  Human Rights Education Organization to help ensure Human Rights and Democratic Freedoms last forever on their firm foundations against all threats of uneducated 'Creeping Totalitarianism.'  After decades of being a "lifelong learner" and schoolteacher; working for academic libraries and doing Ph.D. studies; and being professor of a university course covering the period of history in which the foundations of modern Free Democracy were laid, I have identified The Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy from the disciplines of Science, Logic, and (Human Rights) History. My ongoing intellectual work in this matter has now been put into 4 book manuscripts (starting with DEMOCRACY 101) which are nearing readiness for publication, two of them already produced in "advance reader copy" versions which have gotten good feedback including the testimony of a world-class expert in Religious Freedom that:

"[William Baptiste's] work is crucial"
- Dr. Andrew Bennett,
Head, Cardus Religious Freedom Institute (Ottawa);
Senior Fellow, Religious Freedom Institute (Washington, DC);
Canada’s first Ambassador of Religious Freedom, appointed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper

This educational body of work in defense of LASTING Democracy has been developed not a moment too soon!  Because of a widespread lack of knowledge of Free Democracy's historical and logical foundations, which are no longer maintained, in some places in the supposedly "Free West" today, doctors who believe in Traditional Western (Judeo-Christian) "Pro-Life" Family Values are no longer allowed even to follow the 2500-year Hippocratic Medical Tradition that doctors do not kill patients (the oldest known form of the Doctor's Hippocratic Oath specifically prohibited abortion), but such doctors who believe that killing humans is wrong because Human Rights are for all humans have had their democratic freedom of conscience and freedom of speech taken away.  These doctors must facilitate human-killing abortion or euthanasia against their conscience, or else lose their licenses to be doctors, lose their jobs and livelihood. Whatever your current position on abortion, it should bother you tremendously that in some places in the once-free West today, you can actually be arrested and jailed for peaceful Pro-Life Human Rights advocacy.  You can be jailed for making a Pro-Life website in France; or even just for "staring at an abortion clinic," which the police take as a sign of the "disapproval of abortion" it is now illegal to show within up to 150 meters/500 feet of an abortion clinic in Ontario, Canada - Freedom of  Speech is fast disappearing!  Some elderly Pro-Lifers in this jurisdiction who obeyed the totalitarian law by leaving their usual Pro-Life signs at home, were actually arrested anyway just for being "known Pro-Lifers" holding signs reading "FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION AND RELIGION. NO CENSORSHIP," "GOD SAVE OUR CHARTER RIGHTS," and “THE PRIMACY OF FREE SPEECH: CORNERSTONE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION”.  In some DINOS - "Democracies In Name Only" - laws have been passed in recent years that mean you can be arrested even for speaking verifiable scientific facts that do not support new-fangled and unscientific government ideologies; and more and more policies and laws are being passed that put government in between parents and their own children, even to the point of laws giving the government the right to take children away from their parents just for traditional childrearing in traditional values our democracies were built on, which the totalitarian-oriented government no longer considers "in the best interest of the child."  Another jurisdiction passed legislation making criticizing the government a crime, then convicted a news media service of this crime without a trial, threatening it with heavy fines and wanting to start regulating its news - like in totalitarian States.  Many Western jurisdictions (states, provinces, countries) are otherwise starting to pass laws restricting democratic Freedom of Assembly and Freedoms of Speech and Expression (even of verifiable scientific facts – Science is a crime when it does not support the party ideology of political parties which no longer uphold the Traditional Western Values which include and support The Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy).

With all these threats to normal democratic freedoms happening in the West, it is important to get a solid Human Rights Education - such as that which I have been developing since 2015, when they started doing a number of the above democracy-destroying things where this scholar lived.  I have also developed practical solutions to this worldwide trend of 'Creeping Totalitarianism' no longer just 'creeping' but accelerating, such as a Pledge of Allegiance to Democracy and a Winning Strategy for the 'Culture of Life' to WIN the 'Cultural War' with the 'Culture of Death,' to Save Humanity Forever from Bigotry and 'Creeping Totalitarianism.'

YOU can help Human Rights and Freedoms Forever! to develop and distribute this important educational content and get the 4 book manuscripts professionally edited and published!  Press "Become a Patron" and your grandchildren will thank you for supporting their future freedom!

Creator/Author Bio:

Before his Ph.D. studies at the Sheptytsky Institute and being a professor at Dominican University College (where he replaced Dr. Andrew Bennett, appointed Canada’s Ambassador of Religious Freedom), William Baptiste got his Master’s Degree with Honors at Franciscan University of Steubenville (FUS), where the Philosophy Chair testified in writing to the University President of “his tremendous academic talent” and “considerable power of mind;” a genius IQ which he has since used to discern and lay out clearly from the tangled webs of historical details the “golden threads” woven throughout history that give us all our Human Rights and democratic freedoms. At FUS, the famous Dr. Scott Hahn wrote William’s work was “outstanding,” “excellent,” “clear, thoughtful and thorough,” and the Theology Chair Dr. Alan Schreck endorsed William’s educational Donum Veritatis - The Gift of Truth Ministries “as an effective and important means to spread the faith and to promote Christian unity… It really is a ‘gift’ to the ‘Internet Generation.’” He was invited three times to the ecumenical Springtime of Faith Rome Summits (Catholic and Evangelical Christian leaders meeting with Vatican Officials) for being considered “one of the dynamic leaders building the New Springtime of Faith.” He recently founded Human Rights and Freedoms Forever! and published DEMOCRACY 101: A Voter’s and Politician’s Manual for LASTING Democracy; Pro-Life Equals Pro-Democracy; Killing Humans Is Wrong; and No Fruit Without Roots: 3 Wrong Turns Now Ending Democracy in the West in response to accelerating attacks on human life and freedom throughout the West since 2015; and was recently told by the head of the new Cardus Religious Freedom Institute (and senior fellow for the Religious Freedom Institute in Washington, DC), Dr. Andrew Bennett, “your work is crucial.”
Having taught a course in the Formal Science of Logic, he reminds all those who would read his above Christian qualifications and be tempted to simply dismiss his books merely on that basis (instead of engaging with their powerful facts and logic with intellectual honesty), that to do so is to commit what the Science of Logic calls the “genetic fallacy” combined with circular reasoning, known as “Bulverism.” He writes, “Intellectually dishonest, bigoted anti-Christian and Pro-Choice “Bulverism” first assumes that Christians and Pro-Lifers are wrong and then “justifies” turning off the brain and not listening to facts and logic presented by Christians and Pro-Lifers merely on the basis of the “wrongness” assumed but not proved (circular reasoning). Intellectually lazy Bulverists say things like “you only believe that because you’re a Christian/Pro-Lifer,” as if the origin or “genetics” of their opponents’ belief justify simply dismissing their position (the genetic fallacy), without any regard to the overwhelming facts of Science, Logic, and Human Rights History which support the conclusions that Pro-Life = Pro-Democracy and that Christianity, if it need not be individually embraced, must at least be respected by governments as the origin and source of the underlying Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy, in any country that wants to remain a Free Democracy and not eventually fall to current ‘Creeping Totalitarianism’ now undermining Democracy from its very foundations.”
He suggests “No intellectually honest person can deny Western Human Rights and freedoms start with The Foundational Principles of Human Rights and Democracy identified herein, which Christianity introduced into the West, and only the intellectually dishonest would dismiss these books lightly and without engaging with their undisputed scientific and historical facts and sound logic. But LASTING Democracy, religious freedom, and Human Rights for all requires that in response to current ‘Creeping Totalitarianism’ these books start a DIALOGUE in Western nations about just how to ensure these highest of Western values last for the long-term.”

YOU can help this important dialogue to happen with your patronage of Human Rights and Freedoms Forever!  click "Become a Patron"

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With YOU on my team of patrons contributing even $1 to $5 per month towards the amount of total monthly patronage Human Rights and Freedoms Forever! receives (and inviting your friends and family to do the same, if they want Human Rights for all humans and religious and other democratic freedoms for all humans to last, against current worldwide threats of 'Creeping Totalitarianism'), Human Rights and Freedoms Forever! will be able to expand and grow as a non-profit Human Rights Education Organization.  
  • The first big goal is to finish and finalize professionally edited and professionally published versions of the books DEMOCRACY 101; PRO-LIFE = PRO-DEMOCRACY; KILLING HUMANS IS WRONG; and NO FRUIT WITHOUT ROOTS.
  • Your patronage will also support the production and distribution of other educational resources based on this important content for guaranteeing Human Rights and Democracy last for the long-term -- including audiobooks and audio files and educational videos -- and will eventually allow this scholar and author and logician to start work on refining an academic course on this important content. 
  • Further, to help raise awareness of the current worldwide trends of "Creeping Totalitarianism" and to help spread this vital democracy-saving education against it, I already have dozens of ideas and text for promotional materials such as posters, pamphlets, booklets, bumper stickers, window decals, lawn signs, fridge magnets, car magnet signs, lawn signs, extra-large signs, T-shirts etc. -- to really help get the worldwide movement to ensure Human Rights and democratic freedoms last forever rolling!  Human Rights and Freedoms Forever! needs your patronage (and possibly volunteering of your artistic talent) to develop these texts into artistically designed, catchy and professionally printed promotional materials and products.   
So join my team patrons at any level of patronage from $1/month ("Freedom-Lover") to $100+/month ("PROTECTOR OF HUMANITY") and know that YOU are doing an important service for the whole world, helping to ensure Human Rights for all humans and democratic freedoms for all humans last forever!
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