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About Humans Are Divine

4/27 UPDATE: Due to little to no demand, which equals little financial stability, I am no longer offering one-on-one mentoring, and I am no longer creating new content, for the time being. There is so much good content in the library though. My advice: Subscribe. Soak in my views on the world, views that I share with Buddhists and certain Jesus mystics, and then feel free to message me, and we can see if/when talking is doable, with my busy schedule. Or maybe we can do small groups or something. Thank you. 

Please, watch the video to get a fuller picture of me and what I'm about.

Here is the short version:
I'm just a regular person, who has had enlightenment experiences that have changed me from an unhappy, unaware, selfish person, to a happy, grounded, compassionate person. I don't claim to be fully enlightened, I just claim to have come a long way, with actual results, and all I want to do with my life is help people like you get the same results, because you can, and it won't take your whole life to get there.

You can be free from: Attachments, aversions, anger, hatred, irritation, jealousy, obsession, selfishness, pride, anxiety, worry, loneliness, depression, fear, greed, and more. 

IMPORTANT: This Patreon page charges the full monthly amount the day you sign up, and then on the 1st of every month. If you are signing up late in the month, for Levels 2 or 3, email me at [email protected] , so that we can figure out together how you can get your money's worth! There are a few options to get you going now, so please, email me!

-I am 100% about human to human connection. Ultimately, you are paying for direct access to me, someone who genuinely cares about people, and about you.

-It's easier than you think. You won't have to readjust your life. Don't see this as a brand new job you are adding to your already busy life.

-I am more anti-authority than most, meaning there is zero cult potential here. I don't want to boss you around or have power over you. I sincerely just want to help you be happy, and I have no religious teaching to brainwash you with. I offer practices to happiness, not creeds to believe.

-The very low money you use to subscribe is nothing compared to the invaluable lessons you will get, and the priceless results you will have, if you put the lessons to work. People ask why I charge. The answer is because I have bills to pay, just like you.

-You can be an Atheist, Agnostic, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu or anything else, and I am extremely confident that I can work with you, your vocabulary and your worldview.

I offer two roads to self-transformation, one road is Buddhist, and the other road is that of the Orthodox and Catholic mystics. You can take advantage of the content I create for both groups if you like, with no extra fee. And again, if you are not a Buddhist or a Christian, you can filter out the language that doesn’t resonate with you, apply the practices, and get the same results, and in our one on one time, I can talk to you on your terms, with your vocabulary.

From one human to another, I hope to hear from you, and I hope we can do life with one another, Jesse.

Past talks, that are available for unlimited replay, to all Patreon levels:

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 95 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 95 exclusive posts

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