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About Hummingbird High


Hi! My name is Michelle Lopez, and I’m the baker, blogger, and photographer behind the popular baking blog, Hummingbird High. I first created Hummingbird High in 2011 as a way to share my recipes with faraway friends and escape from the drudgery of my corporate job. Little did I know that chronicling my baking adventures would create a community of over 100,000+ aspiring bakers and dessert lovers who use my blog as a resource for recipes and my experience as a source of expertise. I do not take that responsibility lightly, and because of that, I need your help.

I started Hummingbird High as a personal journal. My older content reflects this; I focused solely on sharing recipes that interested me, sometimes with rare and inaccessible ingredients that betrayed my privileged means and resources. But over the years, as more of you turned to my blog as a baking resource, I made the conscious decision to share more accessible recipes that reflected the reality and lives of the members in my community.

What exactly does that mean? Three years ago, I realized that many of you loved to bake, but rarely had time to do it. I was in a similar position—for many years, I blogged at Hummingbird High while working a full-time, demanding job in tech. I created many of the elaborate recipes on my blog with the intense time management skills I exercised at work: my goal was to break down a recipe into parts that I could tackle in the limited time I had. A cake recipe that would ordinarily take two consecutive hours to make would be spread out over the course of a few days to fit into my schedule. I would spend 30 minutes on the first day to bake the cakes, 10 minutes on the second day to make the frosting, and another 30 minutes on the final day to put it all together, decorate it, and photograph it for Hummingbird High before finally enjoying it.

The funny thing is, on Hummingbird High, with the exception of a cheery baker’s note now and again, I never candidly discussed what it was like to bake all the time while balancing a nine-to-five. My recipes were presented with beautiful pictures, but often without mention of my time constraints and struggles. That can happen on both the internet and social media, where we choose to present only the best part of ourselves; I felt both implicit and explicit pressure to maintain an illusion of paradise in my kitchen. Blogs are where everything is perfect, where everybody has all the time in the world to spend as they wish. But I know that’s not true—and that’s why I decided to write my cookbook, Weeknight Baking. In my book, I take painstaking care to share all the time-saving tips, tricks, and techniques that I hid for many years on my blog, all applied to classic, accessible baking recipes.

Since my book was released, I’ve gone on to apply that same candidness on Hummingbird High. Every recipe shared on my blog now has detailed information on how to make the recipes work within your limited schedule, along with extensive information on how to troubleshoot common problems, difficult techniques, and other relevant resources related to the recipe. I’ve also shifted my content calendar to create recipes that are more reflective of what folks are actively searching for, as well as accommodating any requests I get from you via email and social media. These days, I write every post with the goal for you to see Hummingbird High as one of your most trusted baking resources, with an extensive collection of recipes suited for all levels and occasions, all accompanied by incredibly detailed blog posts and rigorously tested tips and techniques.

This type of recipe development and content creation requires a lot of time and financial resources. A single recipe—along with its accompanying blog post and/or Instagram tutorial—can take me over 80 hours to research, develop, test, write about, photograph, answer your questions on social media, and more. In addition to the value of my time, I have to fund the ingredients and tools needed for the development of each recipe, which I typically make a minimum of 3 to 4 times before approving it to go live on Hummingbird High—that’s a lot of eggs and butter.

And here’s the truth: COVID-19 hit my family hard financially. As a result of the pandemic, my fiance Erlend is currently furloughed from his job, leaving me as the main source of income for the family. Although we are not strangers to this circumstance (I was the breadwinner for years when he was in grad school), this is the first time that I am supporting us solely on an unstable freelancer’s income. The majority of my income from blogging has always come from partnering with brands for sponsorships; unfortunately, many of those partnerships were delayed or outright cancelled because of the pandemic as well. I'm fully anticipating that I won't receive any income from those sources until the end of this year. The irony is that, now more than ever, many of you are turning to my blog and baking to keep yourselves engaged and occupied during this stressful time (#stressbaking is real, am I right?!).

By becoming a patron of Hummingbird High, you are enabling me to keep developing the baking recipes that you have been using and relying on. You’ll also enable me to shift my focus away from pitching to sponsors and working on branded content, and instead spend more time creating recipes and tutorials that are specifically made for you and your needs. I’m hoping that, through Patreon, I can continue to develop recipes thanks to the generous support of viewers and readers like you.

Your pledge goes directly to the creation of more recipes and the maintenance of the site that enables you access them.

Some recurring expenses include:
  • Ingredients for Recipe Development. I mentioned earlier that it takes me a minimum of 3 to 4 times of making the same recipe over and over before approving it to go live on the site. As a result, the monthly grocery bill for my two person household looks more similar to that of a 6 to 8 people household. It adds up fast.

    Despite all my extensive recipe testing, I am mindful about food waste. Unless something is truly inedible, I rarely throw any food out. The results of my recipe tests are often packed up and donated to local hospitals and other small businesses in my community. What little is inedible/leftover is composted either by the City of Portland’s composting services or my very own compost in my yard.

  • Website Maintenance and Other Tech Expenses. To keep Hummingbird High online, I pay for online storage, cloud backups, monthly hosting fees and more.


If you’re not in a place to support Hummingbird High financially, there are other ways to help, including:

  1. Visiting Hummingbird High as often as you can and sharing links to my recipes with as many people as possible.
    Visiting my blog and sharing links to your favorite recipes with others will increase my pageviews, which is helpful for earning advertising revenue. Ad revenue is typically measured in two ways: pageviews and clicks on the ads themselves. The more pageviews I have and the more times people click on my ads, the more money I earn. But don’t worry! There’s no need to click on an ad unless it’s really, truly something that interests you—your pageview is plenty enough.

  2. Following me on Instagram, liking and commenting on all my feed photos (especially any sponsored ones!), and watching my Instagram Stories as much as possible.
    In the last few years, Instagram has been my primary source of revenue. More followers and engagement (specifically, your likes, comments, and Instagram Story views) within my account enables me to negotiate better payouts with future sponsors.

  3. Buying my cookbook.
    I've mentioned before that, unless you’re Ina Garten or Chrissy Tiegen, cookbooks are not a reliable source of income. But every little bit helps—a purchase of my cookbook reduces my “debt” to my publisher and will enable me to potentially earn royalties from my book one day.


Even if you’re unable to continue supporting my work right now, please know that I am truly grateful for what you’ve afforded me in the past. It is an incredible privilege to have so many of you in my community. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for being here.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 47 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 47 exclusive posts

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