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  • All the Monster, Spell, & Item PDFs,
  • All our Hi-res item art,
  • One-page excerpts of the monthly PDFs.
  • My thanks!
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The Adventure Tier

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The Campaign Tier

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  • All previous tier rewards
  • Encyclopedia Adventura - A constantly growing compendium of everything (contains the Encyclopedia Magicka)! Work in progress!
  • Our eternal thanks immortalised as a shout out in each adventure you helped create.
  • No longer being made, but previous adventures have concise monster and spell cards to help you DM hassle-free.
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About Humperdink's Wares

Join Now for Hundreds of PDFs!

What else do you get?


A beautiful new tome each month

(now with added FOUNDRY-VTT)

Looking for inspiration? Need adventures?

You've planned for your next encounter, found a map, and prepared the monsters. Then your party decides to visit the festival you briefly mentioned. Ah Sh*t.

Don't worry, I've got you covered. I make building blocks that you can drop into your world in a pinch. Need a puzzle on the fly? We've got that. Need scrolls to populate a shop? Got that too. Card games in a bar? Magical food and drink? Random prisoners in a jail? Yep, yep, and yep.

Each month there's a new PDF filled with ideas. Sometimes it'll be in the format of an adventure, sometimes as a setting for your players to explore. Either way, you'll always find something to get excited about.

Check out some of what we produce below, then click this link for a  free adventure to get a taste of what's on offer!

^ Some of the publications produced so far ^

Using Foundry?

I've teamed up with Plankdangerous of Gathering Hall Games to bring you Foundry-VTT-ready adventures! We take full advantage of their beautiful lighting system, our dope creature tokens, and fully hyperlinked journal entries to deliver exciting plug-and-play adventures each month. They look really good.

Check out this freebie!


Over a hundred unique creatures

Players getting too savvy? Assuming vampires don't like silver?

I've got you! From monsters whose AC starts at 30 and drops as they're damaged, to spellbreakers that can bend players' spells, Humperdinks' monsters are full of creative and original mechanics. Each publication is full of 'em!
At the $3 tier, y'all can take advantage of the 'standalone monster PDFs', spells, and one-page encounters.

At the $7 tier, these monsters are compiled into the Encyclopedia Adventura (a constantly update work in progress!). In addition, I create these dope monster reference cards which you can use to lookup stats on the fly. They're also arranged to be printed out!


Races, classes, feats, and spells

With over 50 original spells, we had to create a tome - the Encyclopedia Magicka. FUlly hyperlinked, with tables to help you navigate, this document will furnish you with a whole new sweet of arcana.
I'm even developing a new school of magic: biomancy. This links with several subclasses: the biosmith artificer, the biomancer wizard, and the blood moon druid.

Just like with monsters, all the spells have reference cards too! The colours correspond with the colours in the Encyclopedia Magicka's table, and are compiled in a printer-friendly PDF.

For those of you who made it all the way to end, a brief message from our extremely handsome, intelligent, and humble boss, Humperdink:
Yoohoo! Velkommen meinen freunden to my magical emporium full of vild and vacky vares. I have been busy travelling the Remembered Realms, from Goldengate, to Eversummer, to the watery depths of Aquashallow. My prized scribes, Kelli and Max, have been busy identifying and illustrating all the vonderful artifacts I bring back for your perusal and pontification. Don't vorry, I keep zem well stocked with blood sausage and tea, and away from zat horrible, burny daylight. Euch. Bye now, smooches.
Ta, Humperdink, always great to hear from you.

Navigating the Page
We've tried to make this intuitive! To help you find what you might be looking for, we've got a whole heap of tabs. If you click 'posts' at the top, then you'll be able to click a dropdown of all the tags. These range from the level of spells, to the CR of monsters, to the format of the product (parchment, printer-friendly, and card).

Join us on the  Discord Server! Suggest things for us to make, help refine the mechanics, and just hang out and have a natter.

If you've any tips or tricks for helping get things set up, or you fancy collaborating on something, feel free to drop an email to [email protected] :)

Legal Stuff
Everything we make is unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards, Paizo, or any other RPG creator. Portions of the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast, Paizo, and other artists. If anything is in violation of any copyright, please let us know and we'll take it down :)
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Cor blimey that's a long way. When we hit that, I'll use my new found Kickstarter-smashing skills to make a new DMG full of ideas and tools to help y'all build your worlds.
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