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Gain viewing access to the work-in-progress doc for Spells and Stories of the Skyfallen, where Erika and I co-write the upcoming chapter.  (email address required)

If spoilers of unpublished content are leaked and spread around, access will be retracted.

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 Have an original character or self-insert of yours added to Skyfallen canon. Any fanworks you create involving them will be canonized, linked to and personally promoted.

 Please do not be gross-- ableist, aphobic, antisemitic, homophobic, incestuous, pedophilic, predatory, racist/xenophobic, sexist, stalking, and transphobic/nbphobic behavior will be penalized. 




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I’m an autistic nonbinary lesbian and my main hobbies are art/writing and cosplay. My main platform is still Tumblr at Humunanunga. (They/them)
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When I reach my first 30 patrons, I would like to take art requests from each patron. They would have to be simple, due to technical difficulties. I have just a small goal for now because said difficulties make it hard to provide content consistently.
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