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About The Hungry Blue Dev

Greetings fellow netizen!

I am Subhomoy Haldar and I have assumed the title of the Hungry Blue Dev. That's because I'm almost always hungry (for food and knowledge, both). I adore the colour blue. And I prefer Dev over Programmer or Coder.

I do a lot of stuff:
  1. Programming (in a variety of languages like C, Java, Kotlin, Python)
  2. Graphic Design (from logos to poster to brochures and print media)
  3. Amateur Math Blogger (I'm currently enrolled in a Mathematics and Computing undergraduate course)
I bought a domain along with hosting to motivate myself to write (relatively) regularly. I write about all the 3 things I mentioned above and sometimes random stuff and rants. You can find my blog here:

If you contribute something (even the minimum amount) I'll be encouraged to put out more content at increased frequencies. Thank you for your support!
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