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About Adrian Henry

Hi, my name is Adrian Henry and I make programming tutorial videos and articles to accompany them. I cover everything from the fundamentals of languages like javascript and python all the way to how to deploy full stack professional applications, machine learning and the nuts and bolts of how computers actually work (magic probably...). I also like to make some fun, goofy projects for you to follow along with every once in a while.

I am trying to make the best resources to learn programming and computer science on the internet, but that isn't a cheap endeavour. If i'm really going to make something amazing, I want to do it full time. So using Patreon I would like to build an amazing community of learners who can be a part of bringing that dream to life. In exchange for being part of the community you will get early access to what I do, behind the scenes and exclusive access to a chat server where you can meet and integrate with the other members of the community. Let's create something amazing together!

Aside from building an amazing community I also truly believe that everyone should have access to the information and opportunities that I have been lucky enough to have and that is a large part of why I am doing this. That means I don't want to have to charge for my educational materials.

Patreon will allow me to keep my content free for all people while allowing those who can afford it to support what I am doing and in return receive some incentives and bonuses to do so. This is a far superior model to the alternatives. The alternatives being either hiding some content behind a pay wall and creating a dynamic whereby economic means are a determining factor in ability to acquire knowledge (which is definitely not what I want) or smothering everything I do in ads - be they sponsor rolls in the videos or clickable ads in all my articles, both of which detract from the end result in some way.

The Patreon model allows me to circumvent those less than optimal models and instead align my goals with the goals of prospective learners. I get to put everything out for free and everyone gets to learn what I am teaching and those who find value in what I am doing and have the means to support it can do so. This would mean I can work on all of this full time while not alienating those who can't afford to spend money on my content. It's a win win for everyone.

So for those of you who decide to support what I am doing, a huge thank you. I very literally couldn't be doing this without you.

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Thank you video! This will be my first milestone as a Patreon creator, so all you special folks will get a thank you video :)
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