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You are neither otherworlder nor some important adventurer but just a regular Pepe.

Reincarnator beginner

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So... You woke up in a brand new World!

You received a blessing from a Goddess!

and its... Ultimate farming skill!!

Go grow some potatoes and sell them or eat, its your choice.

Includes Discord benefits

2 years after Reincarnation

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Wow! You survived for 2 years!

It wasnt easy to do so, but you become some one known in this new world.

You received your second blessing too!

Skill unlocked - Creation magic, with it you can create about anything in this world either weapon or armor!

You joined Adventurers guild and now your an E-rank adventurer.

Includes Discord benefits

5th year already!

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You rise your rank to C now as well as you joined a party consisted with Dragonoid race tank, axe wielder dwarf, archer elf-chan and healer priest of fairy race.

Your party is well know of their capabilities and allowed to go for a B-rank quests!!

As time goes you started learning magic yourself and now you can use all 4-main elements as well as - Lighting, Void, Nature, Light, Dark and Infernal elements!

You're also  acquaintance with Kingdom noble families as well as Royal family!

Includes Discord benefits
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A sticker of your favorite cat from Hunlight-Scans!!

25 Years after Reincarnation

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So. Time goes. You grow older. Now you're well known S-rank adventurer. You become a well know farmer in the whole kingdom and saved thousands people from starvation using your very first skill!!

You married the very first comrade you met on your journey - archer elf-chan name Elisa, both of you had 2 kids which went same road their parents took and become Adventurers!

Both of you retired from being adventurers and now living happily in countryside!

Congratulation! You finished your journey and you finally can rest assured that the world is in peace now.

Includes Discord benefits
Exclusive Mug
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Mug with Hunlight-Scans logo! Cute cat and support together!


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A tier consisted from God whos support is considerring as a Gods Blessings.
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A Hoodie with our one and only Cat to make your heart warmer




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Welcome to Hunlight-Scans patreon page.
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AMAZING! First goal earned and we can provide better quality releases for you guys! But it is not the point to stop and we need to go beyond!! Lets get to our new goal so we could hire additional paid team members and make releases almost daily!!
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