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About Nita Strauss

Hi guys and welcome to my Patreon page!! Thank you for stopping by to see what it's all about! The video will give you a short overview, but read below for more!

I had an amazing time doing the Kickstarter campaign with many of you for my first album. It was so cool to rally together as a community to make it happen, and it was with your support that I was able to make such a huge statement and show the world that instrumental guitar music is alive and well.

Now that it's time to get going on Album 2, I wanted to get you all involved again, at whatever level you would like to participate! I love sharing my life and what I'm working on with you all, and social media is amazing, but I think we can all agree that sometimes it. is. EXHAUSTING. People who aren't true fans cruise in just to troll and be negative and then leave, and it makes opening up and sharing what I'm working on much more difficult, knowing you're pulling back the curtain just for the trolls to attack. I've been very guarded about what I'm working on for that exact reason, but it feels weird working on music and not having you guys be a part of the process!

So without further ado... This Patreon community is your backstage pass to my life during the making of my follow up album to Controlled Chaos! You’ll get a behind the scenes look at everything that goes into a full album cycle, including the actual making and recording of the record at my home in Los Angeles, in the studio, and on the Alice Cooper tour, as well as press, photo shoots, music video shoots, rehearsals, solo touring and more! There will also be monthly live streams with song progress and Q&A, bonus live streams from the Alice Cooper tour, home practice sessions, and more to come as this page evolves!

You guys already know this, but I'll say it anyway... the music industry is not what it once was. It's rare that rock and metal musicians, especially in the instrumental genre, are able to pay their bills just by playing music. I'm extremely lucky and thankful to have a great job playing with Alice Cooper... but when I'm off the road, like most other musicians, I'm not getting paid anything. That's why I have to follow the rigorous schedule that you guys witness every day on my social media pages. I'm hoping that by using Patreon as a resource, it will allow me to take a step back and create this album without filling up every available moment with more work.

If you've read this far, THANK YOU!!! I appreciate you being a part of our shred family and stopping by this page, and hope you'll join me for this next chapter!!
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When I reach 500 Patrons, I'll do a live stream revealing the concept of my upcoming album and what my main inspiration has been so far in the writing process!
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