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This is the level where it all begins! For your support of $1 per month, you will have exclusive access to our new podcast series Stories from the Hurricane Highway as well as our entire library of original programming which includes the Tracking the Hurricanes series dating back to 2004. Think of this as Netflix for weather enthusiasts and you are supporting that content!

In addition, you'll have first access to any new blog posts and video discussions before they are made public across our social media platforms.

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Patrons pledging at this level will receive special access to our HurricaneTrack Insider site. This is where we have all of our live cams and other exclusive content. This is what we are known for! Be a part of it while also supporting the future. Here are the benefits of this tier:

  • All of our live cams (100% ad free)
  • Brand new "Enhanced Tracking Map System"
  • Exclusive access to our GoPro unmanned cam video when deployed
  • Digital dashboard with all of our cams, live chat, local radar and other links all on one page - VERY POPULAR!
  • Live chat exclusively for patrons 
  • Podcast series 
  • All of our original documentaries (including the brand-new Hurricane Highway series)
  • First access to blog posts, video discussions and more
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After you sign up here, I will add your email address to our system. Log in from the homepage using your email address (or we can set a unique username upon request). From there, you'll be on the inside of cutting-edge technology that literally immerses you in the impacts like no one else can. This is our most popular tier and once you join, you'll know why!

Paper map + Zoom meetings and more!

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In addition to the incredible benefits of the $10 tier, all of our $25 monthly patrons will receive a one-of-a-kind paper hurricane tracking chart designed for the 2021 season. Our official 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Tracking Chart is 18" by 20" and full color! You'll be the envy of the office when you tack it up and begin tracking this season's storms and hurricanes.

Zoom, zoom!

New for 2021, I am offering an exclusive chance to participate in Patron-only Zoom meetings! These will be conducted at a minimum of once per week starting in April 2021 and as often as needed during the hurricane season.

The Zoom meetings will be an opportunity for you to join in the discussions LIVE and interact as we go over key elements concerning the upcoming hurricane season, severe weather potential and more.

Your name in the end credits of The Hurricane Highway season 2

All of our $25 patrons who are with us for at least six months will receive end credit recognition in our new series The Hurricane Highway (season 2). This exciting project replaces our Tracking the Hurricanes series with a new and unique look at the hurricane season through episodes instead of one long film. As a way of saying THANK YOU I will add your name to the "Special Thank You" section of the end credits of every episode that is produced for season 2 which will drop in May 2021.

Once you sign up for this tier, I will be in touch to get your mailing address to ship out the 2021 hurricane tracking chart. If you signed up late in to the 2021 season, I'll send you a 2021 edition AND make sure you get one for 2022 as well.



About HurricaneTrack

Welcome to the modern era of hurricane and severe weather coverage; crowdfunded by people like YOU!

Your support as a monthly Patron will help to fund the future while providing something that is as unique as it is important to the science of understanding hurricanes and other severe weather.

Mark and his team's work during hurricanes Florence and Michael in 2018 earned him two major awards from prominent conferences- the National Hurricane Conference and the Florida Governor's Hurricane Conference. Both recognized Mark for his outstanding achievements in public awareness and contributions to the science.

What we have is a lot like public radio; benefiting the masses while being supported by a relatively small percentage of those who utilize the content. However, it is this group of Patrons, the enablers of the future, that are so important to the shaping of what comes next.

Join the crowdfunding effort that is unlike anything you've ever experienced before. You can literally help to shape the future of hurricane and severe weather awareness and field observations.

Thank you.

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My goal is to be able to expand beyond hurricane coverage, hire a small staff, create new apps for our supporters, develop an extensive education program and advance the science of understanding high-impact weather events. This is so much more than a subscription service; it is truly a collaborative effort between all of us to achieve extraordinary things! Join us!
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