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At this tier, you can rest comfortably knowing that you're helping to make sure I get more work done and you're a big part of the reason why. You also get to be super smug about your contribution in any relevant comments sections because you'll have earned it by being a super nice person. Well done!

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This is exactly the same as the last tier, except that you'll also be so super powerful that your enemies will quake with fear before you. None shall be able to escape your wrath, and those that try only prolong their suffering. But you are not without mercy, and those who write amusing stories or compose aurally pleasing music might just find a place of honor at your court. Only so long as they do not forget their place, anyway.

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At this tier you become me. I'm not kidding. You'll just wake up one day and find yourself in my house and probably be really confused and lost, but it's ok because–in addition to all benefits from the previous tiers–you will now know exactly what my life is like through ESPN or something. Probably. Maybe.

Disclaimer: This benefit may take 3-5 eons to arrive, depending on your conception of the universe and the cyclicality of time or lack thereof. Stay tuned.




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About Husr


I am a fanfiction writer primarily on currently with two humor stories focused around unreliable narrators with a greatly inflated sense of self-importance.

I also compose music, which can be found on my soundcloud, some of which has been used in a variety of fan projects.

Supporting me here helps make sure that I can update these projects more regularly and with more care paid to them. It also means you can poke me to focus more on one or the other depending on what interests you more.

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