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I'm just kidding, hello there! I am Alexandre, more known as Alex!
I am the founder of Kanna Kobayashi, a Discord Bot!
(And of course a famous character of Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon)

I have started the Dragon project (as i like to call) in 03/31/2017, for learning more about JavaScript, and make a new community! (Not that the server is dead, pfft)

Every second i work on her is a delight, maybe not every second, sometimes i encounter some mind breaking bugs, but that's part of it.

So, about rewards... Every dollar you donate gives you a bonus on your daily, weekly! And it will greatly help the project :3


1. Do you plan on doing the other dragons?
R: Absolutely!

2. Why don't you accept PayPal donations?
First it's because its better to have monthly income instead of like 1 time things, if it's monthly it will be sure i can pay the server every month, second it's disabled on my country.

3. Will Kanna ever have music?
With the current host, no... It's possible on the future, but i may either make a bot just for that, or make it a patreon bot.

4. Can i lewd Kanna?
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