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Lil' Root is a great way to become rooted in supporting the seeds of ongoing comics, drawings & designs. You'll get access to my activity stream, sneak-peeks to projects as they develop, and more!

L1 (Level 1) Rewards:
  • Access to Hydrium Studio news feed!
  • Awesome exclusive patron-only content!
  • I’ll send you a newsletter update once every 2 weeks with new releases and projects I'm working on!
  • Social media updates!
  • Posts of my current sci-fi, nature and cosmic endeavors!
  • Posts of favorite or un-favorite music/movies/series!
  • Weekly pictures that include drafts, sketches and more!
Terra Flora
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Ready to expand your intellectual seeds? Terra Flora is a great way to harvest growth toward a field of illustration art.

L2 Rewards:
  • All previous rewards!
  • Invites to markets, exhibits and events!
  • Exclusive access to all my sketchbooks!
  • Never-before-seen character design sketches from my sci-fi saga and comics series!
  • Access to galleries, ongoing art projects, illustration goods, and custom commission ideas!
  • Techniques and behind-the-scenes content!
Solar Fusion
per month
Show me what you got! Hydrium blends the words ‘hydrogen’ & ‘helium’, aka the essential elements. Solar Fusion is a stellar way to raise the heat of Hydrium Studio swag.

L3 Rewards:
  • All previous rewards!
  • Patreon-exclusive illustrations available as high-res jpg's and wallpapers suited for desktop & mobile devices!
  • High-quality downloads upon request (.jpg / .pdf)!
  • 1 signed print (or digital) poster per month!
  • [One Time]: Tutorial on artistic / creative process (upon request)!
  • One a month I’ll host a half hour (usually more) drawing session (local in GR; video access TBD)! I’ll explain how I use supplies while drawing live. Topics can include new materials, figure, scene, and re-draws.




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Hello everyone!

Welcome to the NEW interactive 'social media' home of Hydrium Studio!
Become a patron (for as little as $1) to access contests, blogs, surveys.. oh, & REWARDS! 

Patrons get rewarded with personal, freehand illustration art, stories, tutorials, exclusive sneak-peeks to projects (so many projects..), along with monthly BONUSES that multiply with each package level.

Hydrium Studio is most active in the community, at markets, street fairs and festivals. Thus, Patreon offers so many advantages to interact, generate business & have fun!

This ain't no one-and-done interaction. This is a community! Patreon gives me the opportunity to fund my art, interact personally with YOU, and provide more frequent art updates. 

I can ALSO help you solve challenges of illustrating, how to stay motivated and work from life's many inspirations. Your pledges help me to access art supplies and give me visual freedom to focus on bigger & better projects! 

Hydrium Studio is thrilled to host a page where you can honestly feel good about being a patron!


Hydrium Studio is a platform for illustration, writing & design projects. Sure I own a house and work at job place, but those are just common adulting features and certainly can’t be the reason you’re here.

Truth is when I sprouted into this world I was designed to be an illustrator. My journey has been spent investing time and clariy around nature, consciousness & the cosmos.

In many ways, I see life set up like a comic. That’s not a bad thing. It gives the push needed to connect experience to environment, explore sustainable ideas and institutions, spark awareness towards non-conformity, and pioneer creativity. (Hint: This means Patrons can expect regular swag giveaways..)

Hydrium Studio: The name blends the words ‘hydrogen’ & ‘helium’, representing the essential elements for life. Passion for illustrating gives Hydrium Studio the edge in writing & design, for the awesome in mind. Proof: www.hydriumstudio.com

Being a patron: 

If you like my work and want to support me, just choose how much you want to pledge per month (even $1 makes a difference!) and select some cool perks like live-draws, special requests, Q&A’s, giveaways, and learning more about ongoing projects I’m working on.

I strive to be diverse in subject matter, so I like to spend time outdoors enjoying nature, and let my mind explore the cosmos. I always try to focus on transcending adversities and discovering the impact of willpower. 

You can help me make an impact! With your support, I can enhance the quality, range and availability of my work. And that benefits everyone!


Dustin Coon, Owner
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"When we meet again, we shall greet as friends."
-Hippie I met in Pictured Rocks

$0 of $500 per month
First milestone to reach! This is a great opportunity to expand business with resources I'm not yet quite able to access. My plans: Wider array of festivals, art markets and events. Steady career & more supplies to focus on greater illustration pursuits. More epic commissions and collabs! Oh, and actual recurring video content where you can see the drawing process unfold!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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