Hypatia is creating opportunities for trans people to flourish in software


$1 /mo
  • Access to articles before they appear on Hypatia's blog.
  • Access to our quarterly patron newsletter (once we reach the overall goal of $250 a month).


$5 /mo
  • Access to early drafts, or snippets of articles before they appear Hypatia's blog.
  • All previous tiers rewards.


$10 /mo
  • A monthly update on what has been going on within Hypatia. These updates could be anything from a blog post, to an audio recording talking about goings on within Hypatia.
  • Photos f...


$20 /mo
  • A monthly update from someone who is learning how to code from a Hypatia mentor, these may include small samples of their code, a link to a project they have made. This may also continue p...


$50 /mo
  • A personalized card every 6 months. Starting in June of 2018 we will send you a card thanking you personally for all your help, the card may also include pictures of conferences Hypatia ha...

Silver Sponsor

$100 /mo
  • A place on our sponsorship page with a link to any project you might have, and an image not to exceed 250x250. All links and images are subject to approval.
  • All previous tiers rewards.

Gold Sponsor

$250 /mo
  • Should you have any job openings you wish to fill we will share them in our community. All job listing are subject to approval.
  • All previous tiers rewards.

Diamond Sponsor

$500 /mo
  • You receive all previous tier rewards along with the knowledge that you giving in a huge way to support our efforts of helping trans people in need.

Platinum Sponsor

$1,000 /mo
  • You receive all previous tier rewards, and you will single handedly make it so that we can rely much less on our yearly fundraiser to keep operating. Any amount given helps us towards our ...