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About Hypercube Labs

Hypercube Laboratory and Free Think Radio "proudly" present:
YOU have miraculously stumbled upon one of the BEST KEPT SECRETS on the INTERNET! 

Now YOU have the ability to gain access into an elite guard of the universe's most powerful super-beings, and become a fearless advocate for the future of HYPERCUBISM! It's TIME FOR THE SHOW! A weekly live-broadcast direct from the underground control-room at Hypercube Laboratory, dedicated to the advancement of Doktor Faux's DON'T THINK philosophy. No matter how hard it hurts, how painstakingly tedious or even how humiliating each Monday night our intrepid HOSTS Doktor Faux and Reverand [sic] peas [sic] do battle with the unholy-forces of TIME in an effort to perpetuate a psychic blast of pure comedy energy. And they are not alone, and you too can hop on to the chariot of the clods!

By becoming a member of the SHOWCIETY, you stand apart from the "normal" crowd. You'll instantly radiate an aura of pure cannibaholocaustal energy which will frighten weaker beings and attract only the most beautiful potential mates. You will receive FLAIR that you can immediately flaunt in the HyperCOMM Discord Server, along with the gracious uttering of your name LIVE on Canadian-based internet-radio (and mentioned in the podcast notes!). You can gain access to fabulous SECRETS! Read on to find out more!


Hypercube Laboratory is engineering an amazing product that we want the world to experience. By contributing to our Patreon, you can help us maintain the high-quality standards of developing truly-independent and distinct content. We strive to be completely self-contained, without restraints from other media platforms or even hosting services. This is a costly endeavor, and your commitment is the foundation of our existence.

At this level, Hypercube's "bitchin' internet" is completely covered ensuring high-speed low-latency broadcasting to the FTR server allowing for higher-quality broadcasts closer in sync with the chat

Along with our web-hosting, domain registrations and "legal fees", we would be able to start putting a dent into the power bill! The central core is a BEAST!

If this goal is reached, Hypercube Labs will have access to additional resources to help empower the show including VOIP lines, high-definition video-streaming, privately-dedicated hosting and more.

With funding of this caliber, Hypercube can afford to manufacture it's own merchandise without the use of third-party services with lower-than-desired quality and can sell them at affordable rates so you and your "friends" can all proudly display your association with our endeavors.

This is where the field begins to tilt in our favor. This paltry sum can radically empower the
development arm of Hypercube Labs. Doktor Faux would be able to safely maintain the fragile ego-system of the Psycoustic Research Initiative and oversee the construction of numerous new pylons around the world all without funding from any other external sources. 

While of course we will accept every dollar you blindly throw at us (no coins please, they leave bruises) we would want you to know that we want to insure you with the notion that you supporting a continuing production. Knowing we have supporters, especially ones making contributions to the Show, inspires us to keep developing our show and to pursue the advancement of our brand. Immediately, you should know your donation is appreciated by people that want to make something that others (including you) will enjoy and that all funds raised are legitimately supporting the production. Our supporters have helped Time For The Show immensely by helping us procure quality microphones, new cables, a sound mixer, and so much more essential equipment that is required to produce content that sounds professional.

Okay, we know what you REALLY want. You don't just want the simple satisfaction of knowing your producing independent art, you want that dope-ass swag. Well, we have that too! By joining any tier on Patreon, you automatically receive a Discord Perk and also receive a shout-out on the first show of every month, along with credits in the podcast notes! Then the ability to register for our snail-mail mailing list! Yes, you may periodically receive SPECIAL rewards just for signing up! Patreon users receive TFTS signed posters, Hypercube decals and more that aren't available in our public store! ALL THIS FOR JUST ONE DOLLAR!

Beginning at the $2 Latex Level, you can gain access to unpublished works of Time For The Show and Hypercube Laboratory, and higher levels gain access to members-only channels on the Discord and at HypercubeGO.com. Starting at $5 you get a weekly-shoutout as well as credits in the show notes! Higher tiers may include gifts such as special edition art by Doktor Faux and access to short-run merchandise!

"Sounds great, but I don't have ANY money!"
If you can't afford to donate to Hypercube Labs, then we implore you to please subscribe to TIME FOR THE SHOW! We are available on major podcast platforms and YouTube, and you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter. And it costs NOTHING  to join the HyperCOMM. You can do all of this and so much more by visiting www.TimeForTheShow.com

Time For The Show is BROADCAST LIVE  on www.freethinkradio.com
which plays a finely accrued selection of music throughout the day in
the frigid world of CANADA! When the show is not live, the auto-player
can keep your day rocking with different libraries of different genres for
throughout the day. The site also features built-in IRC chat.
$180.17 of $250 per month
Time For The Show T-Shirts and other merch!
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