Hypercube Labs is creating Time For The Show!

Algae Level

$1 /mo
Your best value!
  • Shout-out on sign-up and every monthly patreon cycle! 
  • Receive donor-status on HyperCOMM!

Latex Level

$2 /mo
 Not intended for use in any fashion! 
  • Access to members-only audio feed! 
  • Includes Algae Level!

Three-Ply Level

$3 /mo
More suitable for larger messes!
  • Access to the HyperCOMM #taphouse vip-chat
  • Includes Latex Level!

Rehydrated Scab Level

$4 /mo
Easier to pull and stick!
  • Gain access to our VIP image-chat #scabs
  • Includes Three-Ply Level!

Astro-Turf Level

$5 /mo
  • Easier to mow thanks to BradyTECH lining!
  • Weekly Shoutout!
  • Upon joining,

Potassium Level - Jihadi Special

$9.11 /mo
"We lose money on this, every time!"
  • Autographed Caricature of the Prophet Muhammed (once)
  • Weekly Shoutout!  
  • Includes ALL inferior levels!

Cool Ranch Level

$20 /mo
"Which came first, ranch or Cool Ranch?"
  • Your e-mail to TIME FOR THE SHOW will always (unless noted) be read aloud

Stupid Idiot Level for Morons

$35 /mo
Prove your own self-worth to yourself!
  • Become OFFICIAL member of Stupid Idiot Club for Morons. 
  • LEGAL membership card.
  • Includes Cool-Ranch Level and inferior levels

Creamed Corn Level

$50 /mo
Monthly Mail Club!
  • Time For The Show will send you unbelievable wonders from the Hypercube Laboratory in the mail!
  • Includes Cool Ranch access, prophet drawing and all inferior levels!

Cobalt Level

$75 /mo
For the Podcrust Connoisseur 
  • Cobalt Level T-Shirt (On joining and then annually)
  • Cobalt Level Membership Card
  • Includes Mail Club, Red-P...

Xenon Level

$101 /mo
For the Podcrust Connoisseur 
  • Xenon T-Shirt Club
    Receive a t-shirt with every patreon cycle
  • Xenon Level T-shirt and membership card
  • ...

Red Phone Level

$200 /mo
Take Control of the Situation!
  • Upon joining, members will receive a phone-number that will allow them to call into the show anytime it is...

Urtica Level

$420 /mo
For the Podcrust Connoisseur 
  • Time For The Show will stop during EVERY SHOW to JUST SAY NO to drug-abstinence in YOUR name, and will partake of any variety of illicit subs...

Introductory Masters Level

$500 /mo
Executive Suites Available!
  • Access to the TIME FOR THE SHOW Annual Conference
    3-Day Weekend Seminar and Workshop
  • Includes lunch with Doktor Faux, dri...

Introductory Masters Level II

$750 /mo
For those with only the finest appreciation!
  • Fidd Chewley will personally travel to you and check your tire pressure.
  • Access to the TIME FOR THE SHOW Annual C...

Preliminary Masters Level

$999 /mo
Committed Fans Only!
  • Never have to listen to Time For The Show again!
  • VIP Access to Annual Conference Courtesy Suite
  • One entire ham
  • Includes all inferior levels