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About The Hypnotic Beast

Team Hypnotic Beast
I am a fur formally trained in hypnosis and guided meditation. I am currently creating a few hypnotic recordings month featuring PG sensual relaxation and transformation.

The Plan 
  • Pledges are per hypnotic recording,  and you can set a monthly max donation.
  • I hope to create about 1-3 new recordings per week, each about 10-20 minutes each in length.
  • People pledging at least $1 a month gain access to all 75+ past recordings.
  • See sidebar for more rewards

I will aim for relaxation and focus more on fun stuff. I will, however, do suggestions for positive growth now and again.
I'm a big fan of mythic and animal transformation as well as personal growth. I also like doing seasonal stuff, like monster transformations for Halloween or reindeer for Yuletide. I like gay bears so I tend to create a lot a files with muscle growth  or gaining bulk. But I also try to create a lot of gender neutral recordings.

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