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The Patreon

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Basic Supporter Tier
  • Access to over 50 hypnosis MP3s including past podcasts, albums and stand-alone tracks.
  • Acess to Patron-only Updates
  • Satisfaction of supporting the Hypnotic Beast

The Voice In Your Head

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  • Access new scripts before they get recorded and ability to leave comments.
  • Dropbox Access to WIP Files.

The Council

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  • All Previous Rewards
  • Ability to Help Decide What Comes Next by Participating in Polls

The Immersed

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  • Access to Telegram Group
  • Character Cameo or Shout-Out in end-of-Year guided imagery holiday recording.

The Fanclub

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  • Fan Club Pack:
    2x Hypnobeast Sticker
    Hypnobeast Trading Card
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The Hypnotic Beast Tamers

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  • 8.5" x 11" Autographed Poster Print

Sponsor Level: The Transformation Hit Squad

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  • Ability to Suggest Poll Options

Sponsor Level: The Guardians of Hypnosis

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  • Joy of making a substantial contribution

Sponsor Level: The Advocates of Metamorphosis

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  • Delight of knowing you're providing key support for further works.