iBan Plastic is creating A Cleaner Planet

Good Karma Package

$1 /mo
Every little helps on a mission to Clean The Ocean of its Plastic Pollution Problem and if enough people just donated $1 we be all set and ready to change the world. 

Educational Package

$10 /mo
Education and Awareness is Key to fighting Plastic Pollution. $10 will help with one blog post every day to keep our followers updated on the latest news and environmental issues via our Blog Posts...

The T-Shirt Package

$50 /mo
$50 will get you all of tier 1's & 2's benefits plus an iBan Plastic T-Shirt. This will help in the general up keep of our Mission and by you wearing our shirt will help spread our message!

The Visual Mission!

$100 /mo
Including Tier 1, 2 & 3' you awesome Patreon's will help hugely with The Visual Mission awareness campaign. Together we can produce some hard hitting videos of the Plastic Pollution crisis we h...

The Platinum Package

$500 /mo
In addition to all the benefits from the previous Tier's you can have your name/organisation/company logo on the home page of our website, where 1,000's of people will see it every day and the logo...