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About iNoahASL

Oh, hello there! Are you here to learn a bit more about me? Alright! My name is Noah Fahncke, but I am known as iNoahASL on YouTube. I was born Deaf. I grew up in the hearing family. I graduated from Kansas School for the Deaf.  I'm an Eagle Scout. Yes, the Deaf Eagle Scout. Nothing could stop me from achieving my dreams.

I'm a filmmaker and vlogger on YouTube. I launched my channel in 2012, but I became very active in vlogging and filmmaking in 2015. I vlog because I love to speak about my experience as a Deaf person in the hearing world. I make skits and short films because I really enjoy bringing my creative to the screen. 

Patreon can help me with getting better equipment, better content, and more ways to show the world that the Deaf people can do anything. My Deafness can't stop me from achieving whatever I want to achieve. Become my patron and became part of my YouTube family!
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This smallest goal will pay for the video editing, digital visual effects, and other software I'm currently using for YouTube and my projects. If this goal is reached, I will have more money for YouTube, therefore more money for my future projects.
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