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About IAMA Moderators

We are the volunteer Moderators who manage the Reddit Ask Me Anything phenomenon at reddit.com/r/iama. We bring you up close and personal with your favorite celebrities, politicians, and fascinating people from around the world.

Why are we on Patreon? Well, we want to build tools to do the job better. Right now, with no income from this, we use the free, less functional versions of a variety of services. We want to raise some funds to deliver the next level of content - just-in-time AMA notifications, AMA countdown pages, and whatever other ideas you, our users, suggest!

Note that any funds collected on Patreon will 100% go towards costs of moderating IAMA. Moderators will not profit from this in any way - we are not paying ourselves for hours worked, just covering external costs.
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This is an existing cost we pay out of pocket, if we can't raise enough funds, we will pay for it ourselves.

Private user information is temporarily stored in several of our shared accounts, including Google, Cognitoforms, Zapier, and Reddit. In order to effectively manage secure passwords, and be able to keep them available to existing mods and remove them from departed mods, we use a password management tool called LastPass.
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