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de'Source fam: Nen

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Your rewards are as follows:

  • Early Access to the Weekly Anime Reaction Content
  • BONUS: HxH & One Piece Full Reaction/Discussions
  • Early Access to stream and hear Soundfx Series beats and new beats before they drop!
  • Access to vote on Anime Polls.
  • Access to the De'Source Discord chat! 

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de'Source fam: Haki

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You'll be getting all the benefits of de'Source: Nen

  • Get Early Exclusive Access to Select Full Anime Opening & Ending Reaction/Music Analysis Videos (new content coming soon)
  • Access to vote for Anime and Video Game Content Opening/Closing/Soundtrack Polls for music reactions and discussions
  • Bonus: Attack on Titan Season 4 and Tower of God Full Reactions

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de'Source fam: Spirit Energy

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What can I say? You're Spirit Energy is Amazing!
Benefits of Haki & Nen Tiers are Included

  • Exclusive Access to All Full anime content reactions (includes additional new season anime episodes, openings, closings, beat videos etc)
  • Exclusive early access to the SoundFx series videos where I make beats using anime sounds and samples!
  • Access to all Voting Polls: Includes new anime recommendations, sound fx series polls, game soundtrack discussion and more!
  • Join the Exclusive Spirit Energy Discord Server Chat 

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About iamdesource

Hi my name is Robertini De'Source and welcome aboard to the De'Source Fam! This is a journey I've always wanted to start and I'm more than grateful to get an opportunity to be more personal with you all as music producer and content creator.

So Why Patreon?

 I am here to extend my expression as a music producer and incorporate my personal interests in anime, games, and music culture for an extremely personal and fun experience that can be shared with you.


1. To become a full time content creator and music producer.
2. Provide a unique look into our everyday interest and hobbies through the eyes and ears of music producer
3. To inspire others to be limitless in creating the content that they want.

Will this be possible?

This is a lot. However, all of it will be made possible because of you. I believe that being yourself is the key to any future success in life.If I can inspire you to have the same mindset, then this journey will all be worth it!

So when you're ready come join me and become part of the De'Source Family!

Robertini De'Source
7 of 100 patrons
My first big goal is to reach 100 patrons! After I reach 100 patrons I'll provide a month for free! Then we'll try to tackle the next goal.
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