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Hello there! IAMEVE, creator of The Everything Nothing.

I have spent years lending my voice to tell other people’s stories in film (Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters), television (Arrow, Flash, The Fosters, etc...) and dozens of other collaborations. Now I want to tell my own story- a transmedia fairytale. I’ve got a lot planned: an EP, music videos, comics… the list goes on. This is a giant dream, but I believe that with your help, we can make it a reality!

Bits and pieces of The Everything Nothing already exist, as I’ve been chipping away at this for a while. But building a project like this independently is challenging, and despite putting all of my being and resources into it, it’s not possible to do everything on my own.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have some brilliant collaborators who believe in my vision donate their time and talent. But there are still hard costs.

So, I’ve created this page to invite you to become a part of the adventure! With your help we can produce more videos and songs, finish the graphic novel, create an audiobook- and put together a spectacular live show. Every contribution breaths life into a new piece of this story, and it all starts though with your pledge! Just $1 will grant you access to my Patreon feed, where you'll be able to get updates about the project including all the latest music, behind-the-scenes material, private photos, and first looks at all of the pieces of The Everything Nothing before anyone else! 

Some things you can look forward to seeing in the upcoming months with your help, include:

  • Music produced in collaboration with David Christophere (from Rabbit In the Moon)
  • Music Videos in collaboration with Thor Freudenthal (Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters, Arrow, Flash, Quantico); Ryan McCoy (VFX for Birdman, Cosmos, 300, Life of Pi, X Men Last Stand); Bodypainter Michael Rosner, and a number of other incredibly talented artists.
  • Chapters 1 & 2 from The Everything Nothing graphic novel from Vietnamese Award Winning Artist Nguyen Thanh Phong. Overseeing the concept design and art direction is Matt Gaser (Star Wars: Clone Wars, Green Lantern: Animated, Fantastical).

But what is The Everything Nothing?

The Everything Nothing is a science fiction fairytale about the uncertainty and the courage needed to follow your charm in a world filled with comfort and shadow alike. It is about walking through fire to face the darkness and experiencing the limitless bounds that exist when you find true love.

The Everything is a brilliant light driven world powered by two ethereal beings who live out their days in a tower: Eve and Starman.

The Nothing (a black hole, really) is a neighboring realm ruled by Trickster, a formless being desperate for human form and companionship. He will do anything for it, including stealing the light from The Everything: Eve and Starman.

Relationships inside The Everything are getting complicated. Eve wants to be free of their sheltered life and has visions that convince her there must be another way of existence. Starman reminds her that their entire world will go dark without them and nothing is worth such a risk.

Will Eve find the meaning she is looking for?
Will The Everything vanish into the darkness forever?
Will Trickster gain his humanity or will he allow his darkness to consume them all?

Questions? Comments? You can reach me on my Facebook or Twitter.

Thank you for your love and support. The Universe loves you.

You can also get a free download of one of my cover songs by signing up for my mailing list at: www.iamevemusic.com.

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If we reach this milestone, I will be able to complete a new video project for The Everything Nothing!
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