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About Jim T

This is me, Dimitar Todorov, a.k.a. 'Jim T'. A 26-Bulgarian born that lives in Kavala, Greece. I create Instrumental Metal Music. I remember myself as a metalhead at a really young age of maybe 7 or 8 years old, since all my family was into 80s hard rock and Glam Metal, but I made a step forward to the heavier and darker metal genres as Death and Black Metal. Earlier, 3 years ago, I created the one-man Black Metal band 'Mold of Tree', which it explains it self; A one-man plays all the instruments. So, I play all the music instruments in my debut album 'Deadly Nature' as well, including the parts of lead and rhythm guitars, bass guitar and even drums. Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered everything by me, in my room with low budget gig and and gear. In this album, you can hear some melodic riffs, some fast solos or even wholes of instrumental Death Metal songs. Cheers and rock on! \m/