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You are but a one. However, one plus one equals two. Words of the wise. You get:
  •  Occasional one-shots & SFX file posts
  • Some Patron-only posts


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- Man, bra. Like, can't even, right? 
- Well put, sir.
 This level of Patrons get:
  • All the stuff in the 1st tier PLUS
  •  Access to  the Audio and Video posts on this page.
    The Audio posts contain a track, beat, loop or sound effect in WAV format and it is published only to my Patrons. All audio is CC BY-SA for this tier and free to use in both commercial and personal projects.
    In every Music Audio posts, you sometimes find the MIDI for that track and that is completely free to use  - no questions  asked.
  • Your opinnion matters all my $5+ Patrons get to see and vote the polls. I do polls on what my next Music post should be about and what type of song should I do next etc.
  • Discord mi channel es tu channel You are invited to hang out in the chat. I'm always on it, so come say 'hi' - or 'hola'
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 You are King! And as such  you shall be treated! In addition to all the stuff the not-so-kings get:
  • In the following month of your pledge, you have a special place in all my music videos with your logos, ads and/or promos
    once you pledge, I will contact you for the graphics
 My videos are approximately 2 -  4 minutes long, which means Kings get about 6 - 12 seconds of exposure in each video, depending on the amount of "Kings in the valley". 
  • Once a month, request any track, jingle or SFX pack as an on-demand release. Just ask me for anything, and I shall deliver. any set of SFX, loops, tracks/stems or beats bundled and mailed to you personally whenever you need it - or you can comission for a free, completely yours max three minute track. Loopable or, linear or "dynamic" (track is delivered as stems for each individual instrument.
  • You will be listed in the end credits

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Hello everyone and right off-the-bat, welcome to my Patreon page. You're  propably wondering how you ended up here and why you should bother reading further. Well, I am a a gamestyle/online media content composer from Finland. I constantly release music on Youtube, Soundcloud and as Patreon-only content

Patron-only posts feature:
  • Music - in both WAV and MIDI format
  • Stem files for the music tracks
  • Loops
  • Sound effects

Thank you for being here. Because I know time is limited and the most valuable resource we have, I've released free content especially youin mind.  Find some of my free content described below:

Even if you decide not to be my Patron, I still appreciate  you stopping by :) You still get access to my Youtube videos. And you can still visit  iamoneabe -
which has currently 50 game audio tracks - all licensed under
Creative Commons  Attribution Share-alike

Thank you,

0 of 500 patrons
Once I hit 500 Patreons, I'll do a "party gig" video in tribute to all of you, film it, record it and personally thank the biggest patreons up to that point.

I still don't know the exact format of that video-to-be, but I should want to have all the ad/promo content of the "King" patreons up to that point. For this, I will contact all previous "Kings" up to that point.
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