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About RifleX

I am RifleX Mba a producer and weekly host of Stuck in The Middle podcast, musical artist writing songs since 2009, and the author of a new romance novel launching May 5 2020.

I am so excited you’ve found my Patreon page and are interested in joining my very close-knit community of podcast, book, and music lovers. As my patron, you will get exclusive access my music, behind the scenes access to the production of my podcast, and my creative process leading up to the launching of my new book in May of 2020, all customized specifically for you.

I like the idea of having an ongoing, intimate conversation with the people who are most invested in my works. I like the idea of our connection not being dependent on the algorithms of Facebook or Instagram or Twitter. And yes, I’d love to have a stable source of funding to create, and innovate, and grow. I want my book, podcast, and music to be lifelong bodies of work. And a big part of that is always being able to find the people who care about it most. That is where you come in.

Patreon allows creatives like me to receive support directly from their fans. This gives me the freedom I need to create at my best without having to spend too much time messing with sponsors or creating tailored content for a specific audience. This is not meant to be just an account where you just give me your hard-earned money to be creative. I have clear bodies of work and projects that I hope you would join me in bringing to life on a consistent basis.

As an artist I have been creating music for over a decade now on a high level visually and sonically. I love creating music, videos, documentaries and live events for people that enjoy the music, but I hope to grow and expand what I am doing and reach more people. And that requires my core fan base coming alongside me in a new way. The funds generated here will help me create consistent good music, more creative videos, and enable me to produce quality live show experiences.

Writing income is inherently unstable and unavailable as a first-time author. It arrives in dribbles and dollops, at unpredictable times in the form of loans from family members and friends. Will I make the same money back this year after launching? Possibly. Will I make enough to afford self-publishing my book? No way to know in advance. Will the next check show up in time for me to pay monthly rent? Probably not. But that is certainly not my aim, my goal is to finally release this near three-year writing project to the public and push it to its fullest impact and reach. I love my day job... but I'm getting tired. Working 8 to 9 hours most days doesn't leave me with a enough energy and brain power to write at the end of it, though I do anyway because that's how you finish a book. Doing this forces me to choose between competing needs, however: write, or get some stress-relieving exercise? Write, or spend the rest of my evenings tying to raise money for book publishing through phone calls and emails. Lately I haven't been able to choose "write" as much as I would love, so I'm slightly behind schedule on my book launching in May.

On Stuck in The Middle podcast, we have viewers in countries and places that I'll never be able to visit myself. We would love to give them the tools that they need to be able grow their businesses, movements, and platforms. We want this channel to become an online knowledge base for the Entrepreneurs, Creatives, and Move Makers of African descent. A place where people come to in order to get the answer to common questions, find inspiration, hear stories, ideas, and experiences on breaking barriers.

Well, this is getting too long. Let’s get to it! Help me get there by supporting my efforts here on Patreon!

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