Samson is creating Games, Videos, Podcasts and more!


$1 /mo
Awesome! Your in on this with me!

You get your name in the credits of my games.


$5 /mo
Jeez! This is great!

You get early access to games during production.

+ All previous rewards


$10 /mo
Are you crazy?

You get access to production notes, concept art, soundtracks and everything else of interest (that I own) about the games we are making.

+ All previous rewards


$50 /mo
This is insane!

You will recieve special highlighted thanks in credits in the games.

+ All previous rewards


$100 /mo
I don't know what to do with myself!

You get to choose an entire game project for me to do. I'll do my best to make your dream game a reality.


+ All previous rewards