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No reward, I just want to support Sam to keep the show going

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Mp3 copy of each show in your inbox every week!

$1.99 /mo
You'll receive an Mp3 download link of the live mixshow broadcast in its entirety (without talking segments) EVERY WEEK! 2 or more hours of non-stop exclusive music mixes. Every show mix/music cont...

Your song requests on the show!

$9.99 /mo
Not only you'll get an Mp3 copy of each show delivered to your inbox, you can request songs to be included "In Da Mix". (One show per month, I"ll mix in 5 songs minimum of your choice during that p...

V.I.P. Package

$19.98 /mo
V.I.P. package that includes: Exclusive Slammin' T-shirt (Yellow Only), Signed 12" vinyl record or full length CD of my works (Remix/Original Production) & other goodies (free shipping). You'll...

Set of 2 CDs of each weekly show

$59.99 /mo
Still love CDs? Have the weekly mixshow recordings shipped out to you on two CDRs every week. All recordings are of promotion use only. Rights held by original artists/labels.  

Be an in-studio guest on The Slammin' Mixshow

$99.99 /mo
You can join me in-studio as a "co-host" during the live broadcast of "The Slammin' Mixshow" (one scheduled visit per calendar year). Kicking back, dancing, whatever your hearts desire, during the ...

Slammin' Dj Lessons (Online Courses)

$199.99 /mo
Want to learn how to DJ the Slammin' way? Once a month (2 hours max) via online presentations (via Google hangout, Skype, etc) I will personally show you my Slammin' Dj secrets. You'll start with t...