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is creating Psychedelic Alien Skulls with a Comedic Retro Sci-fi Style

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Would you like to know about an Alien Skull civilization that has the power of time-travel to our galaxy and visits certain epochs of humanity to scavenge and smuggle artifacts of western and Asian origins back to their planet for paranormal and necromancing activities? Would you like to read more about it?

Hello! I'm Tokebi, a Guatemalan designer, marketeer and artist. I had exhibitions in Korea and Japan. I draw skulls with psychedelic colors & retro-futuristic sci-fi themes, mixing science with paranormality. I celebrate the 50's futuristic views, the 70's third eye colors, Asian retro and western themes. 

I've been drawing skulls since I was little and I wanted to share my unique skull style to all the skull lovers around the globe, as little as this audience could be :)  Cowboys, machinery from the second world war, plus paranormal alien entities riding F14s adapted for space traveling, what else do you want! :) Be my Patron and I will be able to create more of these unique skulls. 
Each one of my skull art represents a scene or still of the adventures of these skull aliens. Each of the pieces I make has an unique story behind, and the sum of all make an unique whole story, that only a few could be able to understand and enjoy. 

Be my Patron and I will provide you with the next services: 

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*** Each of my pieces is actually well documented. I investigate a lot, and I post about it here, usually regarding facts about Japan and Asia, Western and Retro Culture. 
*** Unique Marketing tips:  I'm a digital marketer and a University Professor. Here I post my deepest secrets of how to make it as an artist online. I post marketing tips specially tailored to artists, usually for Instagram.
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I will be able to quit one of my 3 jobs, investing this time creating better graphics for you. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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