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I'd rather you just threw it in a field.  A sarcastic pledge that is.
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Look.  I do appreciate that.  It's going to look awful if it's just you pledging but if there's a few of you then that's not so bad. But just so you know I have monthly outgoings of £40 that are just to charities and I get NOTHING back from them.  But I don't talk about it. I'm actually trying to work out the best way to cancel some of the direct debits without them noticing.  Probably do it at Christmas when people are giving more to them.

Kindly Folk

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Ok, that is actually kind.  Now we are getting to the point where I do appreciate it properly and I feel a bit bad about getting cross with the lower tiers.  That might be all they can afford and I shouldn't shout at them. But I do prefer you.



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