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I'd rather you just threw it in a field.  A sarcastic pledge that is.


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Look.  I do appreciate that.  It's going to look awful if it's just you pledging but if there's a few of you then that's not so bad. But just so you know I have monthly outgoings of £40 that are just to charities and I get NOTHING back from them.  But I don't talk about it. I'm actually trying to work out the best way to cancel some of the direct debits without them noticing.  Probably do it at Christmas when people are giving more to them.

Kindly Folk

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Ok, that is actually kind.  Now we are getting to the point where I do appreciate it properly and I feel a bit bad about getting cross with the lower tiers.  That might be all they can afford and I shouldn't shout at them. But I do prefer you.



About Ian Boldsworth

Hello there. How are you? Me, I am fine.

Welcome to my "landing" page, where I essentially have to pitch at you to convince you to come and join my club. So I shall do that now...

After years of creating online content in a variety of forms and guises since 2007, I slowly shifted all my creative output to this method. When I first wrote a pitch on here it was all about what I was hoping to do, but now that I'm a few years into this adventure, I can tell you what I've done.  And continue to do.

I post content on Patreon every day, which I think is the least you deserve for investing in my stuff.  I'll detail the current crop below, but - if you are in a rush -  this ranges from bespoke podcasts, posts about the making of The ParaPod Movie, deleted scenes from the movie, brand new video content, vintage/lost content from previous projects, written articles and stories, artwork (and artwork in progress), animation (and animation in progress), and - to be fair - plenty in between.

The tiers are just for fun by the way - All of the thousands of previous posts are immediately unlocked for anybody that subscribes, regardless of the amount, and the lowest tier is set at $1/£1, which is the lowest allowable on this site. 

If you don’t know what Patreon is (if you do then you can skip this paragraph, although you may be risking missing a brilliant joke), then it is a platform where creators (me) can fund their work directly with their audience (you). You pledge to make a monthly payment (some people do it per item, but that would bankrupt you with this page) to fund the creator’s independent work. As I said above, you set your pledge and the minimum is the minimum this site allows ($1/£1)  95% (maybe more) of my work is now exclusively on Patreon.  Sorry there was no joke in the paragraph.

In a bit more detail, as of Feb 2021, there are several bespoke podcast series all on here.  There are 33 episodes of Dodds Incarcerated, where Barry called me from jail every week, an ongoing weekly series called Ideas Man, where Barry pitches television ideas to me (a top TV Executive...in the podcast), and What The Movies Didn't See, where Kim Wilson improvised stories (usually from Star Wars) within a set of rules I invent. Every Saturday I do a podcast called Cabin Fever, where I recap my working week and just have a general chat, and each month I do an Ask Ian podcast where I reply to all questions posed by patrons. When we had those horrible lockdowns, I also did a bonus daily shorter version of Cabin Fever as a little bit of extra company.

There is also pretty much the entire making of The ParaPod Movie catalogued on here, with tons of deleted scenes (and some actual scenes), along with my thoughts and insight of directing and performing in it. There are a load of behind-the-scenes videos too, ranging from the edit to the mix to the final delivery, and some videos from screenings and the premiere.

I am presently in production on The Rocky Robot Show, which is an animated comedy about a puppet robot who is trying to become an internet star.  I have been learning animation from scratch, as well as drawing all the elements, and I update on the progress of this as it comes along. 

Every Sunday I do an Art post, where I show progress pictures and completed works, which range from ink drawing, building and painting, and I am also writing a book called The Scarecrow Club, which I present a new chapter from every Thursday.

All of this is cushioned by written work and videos, and general "blog" style stuff.  

It's genuinely very packed, and I genuinely work as hard as is humanly possible here.  I absolutely believe in the concept of direct supply to those who are interested in my stuff. It's freeing from my side, simple from yours, and  is a complete reveal of the creative process, along with the finished work. 

If you've an interest in my previous stuff then you'll like it. If you're interested in the creative process then you'll like it. If you want to support independent work that is unhindered by industry interference then you'll like it. If you want to support one of those Patreon pages that is rarely updated and a smash and grab, then it's not for you. 

Thanks for reading, thanks for the support (with or without pledging – but people that pledge are MORE SPECIAL TO ME)

IB, Feb 2021xxx

500 - reached! patrons
When I reach 500 Patrons I will RUN OFF WITH ALL THE MONEY YOU FOOLS. By the time you realise, I will be on a beach in San Jose making 20%... (this is a joke, I can't think of a goal, I'll be doing the same stupid workload no matter how many I get. Which is hardly an incentive.  I MEANT TO SAY I WILL RETIRE).
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