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About Ian Hates

My name is Ian and I'm the creator, host, editor, marketer, and everything else you can possibly imagine for Ian Hates Shows. What are Ian Hates Shows? Well...

Ian Hates Music:

Ian Hates Music is a show I created to talk about the music I love. I talk about music news, new songs, album reviews, and so much more for genres of music like Rock, Metal, Metalcore, Post-Hardcore, and a ton more that I can't keep listing! Haha. Add in comedy, debates, bits, and segments, and you've got Ian Hates Music!

Ian Hates Conversations:

Ian Hates Conversations is a show where I speak to people in the music industry. These are often long form, in-depth interviews, and really more conversations than interviews. They're the best interviews you'll hear with the artists we love!

Ian Hates Movies:

Ian Hates Movies is a show where my co-host Kelly and I talk movies. Surprise! Haha. Not necessarily just reviews really though. It's like a couple of your friends at a bar going through the entire movie! It can be a good movie, it can be a terrible movie, it doesn't matter, and movies we cover are picked on a whim. Expect some debates, yelling, misunderstandings, fun, and comedy! Plus, sometimes special guests...

Currently, those are the three shows I've been doing for a long time now. Each started as weekly shows. Ian Hates Movies has been moved back to monthly and Conversations goes by who can be on the show, but there's always something new for you on a weekly basis!

I've put a lot of my own money into these shows because I care about them. Anyone can have a podcast, but I want you to hear the quality. So a lot goes into physical equipment, software, and recurring payments for websites, programs, and promotion. Not to mention the amount of time it takes to do all of that...though I just mentioned it...

Lastly, I don't plan on stopping there. I've talked about a new show Ian Hates Love for a long time now. Want to hear crazy relationship stories and a whole lot more? Then help Ian Hates Shows!

That's why I'm doing this. I want to continue to put out the best quality shows for all the Haters out there! That's right, I'm taking that word to mean something positive! Thank you to everyone out there who listens, interacts, and/or helps me continue this with donations. You have no idea how much I appreciate it!

Long days and pleasant nights,


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