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is creating digital multimedia that cover a wide variety of topics.

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Enderbook Enthusiast

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Support the further development of Enderbook ( https://enderbook.com )

Work planned in the queue:
  • Minecraft mod for in-game archiving
  • A marketing and sales push to get more sign ups to create the networking effect archivers have been requesting
Includes Discord benefits
  • A monthly report on the work I've done with your patronage

Research & Development

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Late at night, my inner zombie feasts on the flesh of my ideas. When our essence becomes one, we strengthen humanity through innovation... or maybe just give them a chuckle or two. Help the research and development of one-off projects and experiments such as The Meme Hotline, Grindset Factory, and other endless silly ideas in my creative queue.
  • A monthly report on the work I've done with your patronage
  • Early access to experimental projects!

Poetry Patron

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I will write a poem every month for every patron subscribed to this tier.
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About Ian Rand McKenzie

The video is not me but perfectly encapsulates why Patreon exists.
For creatives like me, Jordan Peterson recommends getting a job and pursuing my creative endeavours on the side. I am currently doing this, but juggling my day job along with managing my schizophrenia, and managing day-to-day life means that I largely have to suppress my creativity. Please help me become part of the "small proportion of creative people who succeed spectacularly." My long-term goal with this Patreon channel is to no longer have a financial need for it and to forward its funds to other struggling creatives — and send all of you a big, hairy thank you letter for believing in me when that happens.

*Crow portrait created by Matt Boucher
$33.32 of $90 per month
$90 will pay for all of the hosting and services related to providing my content for free to the people who enjoy it. Here's the breakdown:
  • Enderbook (Hosting & Apple Developer): $38/mo
  • Domain name & DNS management: ~$20/mo
  • Meme Hotline: ~$5/mo
  • Web Hosting: $22/mo
  • Volume usage fees related to hosting: ~$5/mo
With these fees covered, I can spend a little less time focused on making money and a little more time focused on creating.
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