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About Ianvs

$1 Patron Version: v1.1.5
$5 Patron Version: v2.0.0
Available Builds: PC  & Mac

An Official Android Port will soon be in development but is not available at this time.

The Game

Doctor Amana: Sexual Therapist (DAST) is intended to be the first in a series of virtual novels unfolding in a shared fictional world. This and all future games will feature a quasi-linear narrative in which you, as the main character get to make a series of decisions that have a cumulative impact on your relationships in the story.

Your relationship with each character will change and evolve as you make your decisions and decide what course your fate will take. You decisions will not only impact the way your story unfolds, but will determine how characters respond to you based on your past interactions and known proclivities.

In the first story, Doctor Amana: Sexual Therapist - Patient 001, you take on the role of Roger Harrington, a middle-aged corporate executive whose career has just suffered a major set-back. With your livelihood in jeopardy and life as you know it on the ropes, you begin seeking as much diversion and distraction as one man can possibly handle.

There are many paths for you to explore. Do you stay loyal to your wife, forsaking all others? Do you leave your wife and look for love in new places? Do you corrupt those around you or genuinely try and help them through their problems? Do you let your libido take control or remain steadfast in your celibacy? If one of your paramours becomes pregnant, what will you do?

The choices are yours to make! So come, step into my world. Have fun. And hope that your past doesn't come back to haunt you.

Features of the Game

Quasi-linearity: With the exception of a few scenes requiring chronological ordering, you decide which parts of the story to explore and when by choosing which lover's story you want to experience first.

Variety of Love Interests: There are seven girls ranging in age, ethnicity, body type, skin tones and personalities. I attempt to make each character unique in design, style and attitude from all the others in the game.

Multitude of Secondary Love Interests: There are also a number of secondary love interests that you will cross paths with, most of them with stories that unfold in three or four scenes.

Music: The comes complete with music and sound effects to increase the emotional depth and audible immersion.

In Game Database: Due to the large cast and potential complexity of how your story unfolds, the game features a built in database and journal that can be accessed at any time to help you keep track of who is who, and what kind of interactions you've had in the past.

Unlocked Cheat Menu: It's not my place to tell you how to have fun, and to that end, I've included a fully unlocked cheat menu from the beginning. You should have no need for a console to change variables in the game as I give you a interface tailored to shape the game however you want.

Pet Names: The pet name system is a way for you to decide what terms of endearment others use when talking to you in the game. It also allows for you to declare how you refer to them as well. For example, you might set your wife's pet name to "Sweetie", unless of course you have a contentious relationship in which case for fun, you may want her to constantly refer to you as "asshole". The possibilities are not only amusing, they are endless.

Why Support Me?

Because you will find few other developer as invested in demonstrating a commitment to a project.

I actively communicate with patrons, followers and fans regarding all aspects of development. I am quick to respond and open to giving as detailed an answer as you may ask regarding the project and it's future.

When this started I was part of a four person team. And as my fellow developers abandoned the project over the years, I alone remained committed to seeing this through.

I spent nearly the entire summer of 2020 during lock writing a very lengthy Python script that will take my raw story and convert it into Renpy code. This script not only removes 1/3 of the production workload completely from my plate, but it frees me up to focus entirely on the creative side of the game.

I spend a hours each weekend writing story for the game. And I have committed to spending a minimum of 20+ hours each week live streaming the artwork being created for the game on Picarto. (Check out some of the recordings of past streams 

I am an active participant on the popular pirate platform 
F95Zone and treat every player and fan as a valued customer. I am open to creative input and while I may not act on every great idea, many that are in the game came from players like you!

As a patron, you would be a shareholder in this company and would play an equal part in it's success. As the patron count grows, we'll have the resources to invest in more time on the project, better equipment, continuing education, and a higher quality product than we already have!

That is my guarantee to you! Invest in me, invest in Doctor Amana, and I promise I will produce the highest quality entertainment I am capable of.

Thank you for your time, your consideration, and your interest!

As always, I, Roman Hume, Salute You!
$711.75 of $4,000 per month
Full Time Development: At $4,000 a month I could afford to quit the Real Job Blues. I'd happily take a pay cut and just work full time for you, churning out wonderful tales of erotic fiction.
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