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Discord required.

Players on this tier will be given a basic set of supplies. Specifics are to be determined as we finish set up. But a placeholder will be given to anyone who pays before setup is complete.

"Wheat" role on Discord Server.

Includes Discord rewards
per month

Discord required.

Flour tier holders are given an intermediate set of supplies, exact supplies to be determined.

Discord role "Flour" is given.




per month

About iBread

iBread is a close-knit community of like-minded, progressive individuals. We want this to be reflected in a Minecraft server that will be open to the public. Within this server, we plan to allow players to live within a host of different cities, or build their own home elsewhere. We want a climate that shifts based on player decisions and interactions with the world and let the player have more free reign than many larger servers offer. We utilize SkyFactory 4 in our server; having it is a requirement. Without it, you can not connect.

This project is currently in BETA. We are not finished yet and the current product will likely reflect that.
$0 of $10 per month
10 GB RAM for the server! HUGE increase in capability 
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