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You are the foundation of a good story. Without you, there would be no adventure. 

Select this reward level if you enjoy Icarus Games content and want to support me making more.

Every $ pledged helps me make better content and you'll be recognized as being officially AWESOME, and get a huge thanks. Literally! I personally thank each and every patron. 

You also get:

  • Your Name listed in each main video.
  • Access to the "Black Vaults", the Patron/Members only area of the Icarus discord server.
  • Voting on monthly video topics.

Includes Discord benefits

ADVENTURER - $5 a Month

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You have left your normal life behind and set out into the world in search of adventure. Your story is only just beginning. 

THE SWEET SPOT! This tier gets you access to almost everything and is great value for money. 

At this reward level you'll get:
  • Rewards from previous tier(s).
  • Special Colored Discord Role.
  • Monthly Homebrew DM Resources
    • Each month I produce a variety of resources for dungeon masters including NPC cards, one-page adventures, new races and classes for 5e, homebrew rules and mechanics, and more!
  • Access to VOD of live steams.
    • I livestream frequently over on twitch The video on demand versions of those live streams stay on twitch 14 days and then beceom exclusive to patrons of ths tier and higher. 
Includes Discord benefits

HERO - $10 a month

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Your deeds have started to earn you renown. Tales of your adventures are sung by bards across the region. 

At this reward level you'll get:

  • Rewards from previous tier(s).
  • Workshop Video Ideas With Me
    • Each month you can suggest a video topic that I should make. The most popular idea will eventually become a YouTube video and YOU will be credited as the person who suggested it. If there aren't enough suggestions, I'll roll over suggestions from previous months.
  • Early Access to Videos & Scripts
    • Whenever I finish a script or upload a video, you'll get access to it before anyone else. 
  • Drafts of new Homebrew Materials
    • As I begin to develop new game material (see goals) you'll get to see my drafts and provide feedback on the material before anyone else. 
  • Community Campaign Setting
    • Let's make a world, together! At this tier I will send you an invite to a new LegendKeeper project, which grants you full access to the app, and we will all work together to build out a section of my world. I will create a map of a nation in my world, and through a series of polls and planning sessions exclusive to this tier we will build that area of the world for you to use in your games. 
Includes Discord benefits




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About Icarus Games

Greetings gamers, I'm Anto, and it's my mission to make your life as a dungeon master easier, and to help you have more fun at the table! 

Get your FREE sample pack of the $5 ADVENTURER tier here. 

Check out The Vault for a list of the content you could get access to by signing up today! 

By pledging towards this Patreon you'll get access to: 

- VOTING: Help decide what videos I make and what content I produces. 
- GAME AIDS: I produce a variety of game aids of DMs including templates, NPCs, maps, one-page adventures, new mechanics, class reworks and more!
- COMMUNITY: Join the Icarus Discord, a great place to chat with like-minded people and show off your latest work for feedback.
- BEHIND THE SCENES: Glimpse behind the curtain to see what I'm working on. 

Plus there are more rewards planned when we reach certain goals! Such as new complete subclasses and monsters (with art!) 

If all that sounds cool to you then sign up and I'll see you in the updates and comments. 

Until then
Happy Gaming! 

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New Cleric Domain

The Iconoclast Domain (Final name to be decided). This cleric draws their power from their belief in themselves, and not from their belief in the gods.

This will be full new subclass, professionally designed and completed with custom-commissioned art. When it's finished it will be sent to active ADVENTURER patrons and above before being available on DMsGuild/DrivethruRPG, with HERO patrons getting early access to the playtest.
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