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Hello there. You probably already know me from spamming the link everywhere, so I would like to thank you for clicking on the link and even considering supporting me! If you don't know me and just stumbled across this well... HELLO! My name is Icarusmask. Most people call me CK and no one knows what it stands for. But I'll be more than happy to hear your guess! 
I'm an artist, I focus more in illustration and comics. Occasionally I dabble in 3d art pieces, paintings, so forth. But for my work I will be focusing on Comics. So lets get into details!

My current goal is to start my work on a short story series that will focus more on tragedy. Some of it may be a little NSFW in a sense of mild violence and gore. Consider this a trigger warning. I watched a lot of x-files growing up.
Anyway, each story will be a stand alone. Some stories might run a little longer to carry over the concept of worlds but unlikely to become a series.

My overall life goal is to basically work as a full time artist. Give our world more stories. Create entertainment for the enjoyment of others. Get out my ideas that I've been holding in so long before it's too late! Pretty much just share and hopefully inspire more to do so! It's a long journey but I made it this far!
I have stories that are easily series of their own. Stories that are like books with detail in history and characters. I have many ideas for animation. I however do not specialize in animation so it would be more of a panel by panel video that I would post on youtube. Each panel I would want to work on with all my heart to get the colors and feel of the world across.
I just want to share my world with you! I hope you like it.

Why I'm on Patreon

I will be working on story boarding each page. I will need the proper paper for a comic book format. Supplies such as light boards, pencils, good rulers and so forth.
It might take a while but I do intend to travel to find perfect references and environments I want to see in the comic. REFERENCE HUNTING. 
But for now just simple character design and development, story boarding and writing

I'd like to thank you all again for coming here and checking out my stuff. Any amount of money I get here will be put towards my goals.
$48.41 of $100 per month
Well some things changed and I can no longer offer a video of my dogs as they both passed in 2017.
It's just me and my cat now.
100 a month would be a great start. It can pay for some of my food in future homes and help support my needy cat.
Hopefully one day we can go higher together. Everything everyone is giving me already is amazing. Every penny goes towards a possible future of being able to create free content every day to share with the world.
Thank you
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 233 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 233 exclusive posts

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