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About Ice Coach Online

NOTE: Supporting us on Patreon now includes the perk of unlocking where we have over 340 tutorial videos available covering all different aspects of figure skating from beginner to pro. The more support we get, the bigger this website will grow, and the more beneficial it will be to everyone. 

What is Ice Coach Online?

Ice Coach Online offers a way to learn to skate online. It was created by Lloyd Jones and Jono Partridge. Our goal is to bring high-quality coaching to skating enthusiasts across the world, no matter where they are from or what their budget is.

You will find tips from the pros on how to go from barrier to competent, professional skating. Lloyd, with predominantly a background of ice dance, focuses on edgework and balance, whereas Jono specialises in teaching you free skating (jumps, spins, and tricks).

With the experience gained from competing at Europeans, Worlds, and the Olympic Games, we are confident that our insight and knowledge will help take you skating to the next level.

Why Patreon?
  • Patreon allows the people who love the content we create and appreciate our vision, to support us by making a monthly pledge.
  • You'll be charged when you pledge and immediately unlock all of our amazing content.
  • You can cancel or change your pledge at any time.
  • A skating lesson can cost $60 to $140 an hour in the USA. A pledge of $5 a month for 1 year could be the cost of 1 hour of skating tuition.

What will we do with your pledges?
We often receive messages from people around the world thanking us for our work as they do not have access to coaching in their area. Sometimes we receive videos of what people have managed to achieve thanks to watching our videos. Your support will help us to continue our work by adding more tutorial videos and building our community of skaters.

What will you get in return?
  • Access to our resource website that includes over 340 videos
  • Exclusive videos to Patreon supporters 
  • Live Masterclasses
  • Replays of all of our previous masterclasses
  • Access to our Discord community
  • Live Q&A events on Discord
  • Access to additional resources such as equipment guides, testing information, ice dance patterns.
  • Access to our exclusive Patreon Feed and updates

The more support we get, the more time we can focus on producing content for Ice Coach Online.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 183 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 183 exclusive posts

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