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About IckyStyx

Greetings, fellow inhabitants of this mortal coil. My name is Maddie Decker, but you can call me Ghost. I'm a freelance digital cartoonist, and boy howdy, do I love drawing skeletons.

I've been passionate about cartoons and drawing them since I began to materialize in the womb, and since I was a small little gremlin (and even now, well after being fed after midnight!) I've wanted to be a cartoonist. Making characters, forging the world around them, and sculpting their stories to perfection have always been what I most enjoy doing at every given opportunity, and I have my dad to thank for helping me realize that.

Or maybe I just like being a really shitty God.

Either way, I want to share these little pieces of my brain with the world, and you can help make that possible by pledging to my Patreon!

"But Ghost," you might be asking, "What the hell is a Patreon?" What a well structured and thought-out inquiry, dear reader! Do you use Netflix, Hulu, or any other service where you pay monthly to get awesome content? Patreon's a nifty thing that's kinda like that- and you can choose how much you want to pledge a month*! This way I can have more time and better resources to curse your eyesockets with! What's even niftier? It comes with REWARDS!!!! Nifty!!!!!!!

So what's in it for you?

If you pledge one dollar or more...
  • You gain entry into my infernal hellscape and have my eternal gratitude for supporting my works. Yay!
  • You get to see anything that I've posted on the world wide web unwatermarked in super ultra high quality. Ooooh, shiny.
If you pledge five dollars...
  • You get everything from tier one
  • You get to see exclusive sketches and animations
  • You get access to my super secret Discord server
If you pledge ten dollars...
  • You get to see more exclusive content, such as works in progress and character designs!
  • You get a special role in my super secret Discord server
  • See tiers one and two
If you pledge fifteen dollars...
  • You get a digital bust sketch
  • You get an even specialer role in my super secret Discord server
  • See tiers above
If you pledge twenty dollars...
  • You get a personalized shoutout on social media
  • You get a custom social media icon
  • See above
If you pledge twenty-five dollars...
  • You get a personalized pencil drawing, signed with a lovely lil message from me <3 (Note: must provide an address)
  • More Discord stuff!
  • Benefits of previous tiers
If you pledge fifty dollars...
  • You get a full commission, digital OR traditional, your choice!*
  • Have your OC make a background appearance in upcoming projects 
  • EVEN MORE Discord stuff!!!
  • See above
*limit three characters
If you pledge $100+...
  • You get a full digital commission, and everything included in previous tiers.
  • Have your OC featured with a speaking role in my upcoming works
  • You get everything above, a personalized shoutout, and my entire soul along with a very special Discord role.

More rewards coming soon!

*Patreon requires that members pledge at least one dollar to pledge to a creator. Pricing is USD.

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