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Hi all! My name is Christine and I am a freelance clarinetist based in Montreal. I am an active performer and teacher. I play with several orchestras and have recorded on a variety of albums but I am most passionate about my personal creative projects. 

I am the founder and artistic director of Verisimo which features live performances of classical and contemporary chamber music in tandem with original or repurposed films. As founder and artistic director of the interdisciplinary collective Verisimo, I have curated over 20 performances throughout Quebec, Ontario, and New York, which showcased classical and contemporary chamber music performed in synchronicity with original films. Beyond the administrative duties of managing an ensemble, I am also the filmmaker and editor behind Verisimo’s films. Most recently Verisimo launched a new concert series entitled Filmprov which will screen original and repurposed films accompanied by a live improvisatory soundtrack. I also compose and do some filmmaking, in this vein I have been working on a series of solo pieces for clarinet, electronics, and film. I am also working on a small youtube series to launch in 2020 called "I'll Play That" where I field submissions of sheet music and upload recordings of requested pieces on a daily/every-other-day schedule. 

I adore new music and work frequently with contemporary composers!

I love music, I love new music, and I love the clarinet, and I love to share my love of these things with others. You can learn a bit more about me on my website (which I desperately need to update!) www.i-clarinet.com

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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